Belkin First To Produce Lightning Accessories

Belkin,Apple,iPhone,iPhone 5,lightning,GriffinWhen Apple made the decision this year to switch from the 30 pin connector that they introduced in 2001 to the new lightning connector on their devices today, the world went into a panicked frenzy. Now, households were going to have a mix of 30 pin devices and lightning devices, until eventually every Apple device they owned had a lightning connector.

The lightning connector is slimmer, can go in on either side and is considerably faster at both data transfer and charging. Because the connector is smaller it’s less likely to cause the cord to break if it gets tangled. The lightning connector also does away with the locking clip which makes it easier to pull the cord away from the device.

Although Apple’s loyal customers with older generation iPods, iPads and iPhones mixed into their iLifestyle, are undoubtedly upset, it’s Apple’s accessory partners that have to be feeling the biggest pinch. Companies that were known for their data accessories like Griffin, Belkin and even Verbatim, were able to revive themselves by making accessories for Apple’s consumer electronics.

Fret not, all of the accessory companies will eventually get around to making accessories with the lightning connector. Belkin is actually the first one out of the gate. The popular accessory company has produced a car charger and a home dock which both have lightning connectors.

While many of the case manufacturers have already had an iPhone 5, iPad Mini or the new, the new iPad case ready to go, accessories for power and audio are the ones most affected.

Larry Fishback, an Apple customer we met at the Lenox Square Apple store this weekend told us “I’ve got a home audio dock on my desk at home and another at work, as well as an in dash system that all use the old connector.” Fishback is a loyal Apple user and was purchasing an iPad Mini this weekend. For now he says he’s going to use the 3.5mm cord adapters for his docks. He plans on upgrading his iPhone 4s to an iPhone 5 when more lightning accessories are available.

Corrine Watson, also from Atlanta, is hoping that the new lightning connector devices will be able to control the music function on her iPhone 5. “Once I plug my iPod into my car stereo I can control it with the car stereo controls, I hope we can still do that with the itty bitty connector”.

BGR reports that Apple is holding a workshop for it’s accessory partners on the lightning connector. There are also Asian knock offs already on the market.

Both Belkin accessories retail for the normal $29.99 Apple accessory price.


Source: BGR

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Grads & Dads Gift Idea: Griffin Studio Connect For iPad

By now most owners of any version of the iPad are well aware of their robust music features. Starting with the iPad 2 Apple added a portable, iPad version of their hit music production software “Garage Band” that is nearly as feature rich, and much more portable, then the desktop/macbook version.

With the Griffin Studio Connect you can connect your iPad to midi-devices, musical instruments and microphones with a 1/4 inch standard output, and even output the iPad using a stereo RCA cord.

Not only that but the Griffin Studio Connect Dock also charges the iPad while allowing you to pass midi right through it to Garage Band and other third party apps. Long gone are the days of removable media multi trackers. Move over Tascam, coupling the Griffin Studio Connect to the iPad is an entirely new recording experience.

For Midi the Studio Connect supports MIDI in and MIDI out so you can use your iPad as a MIDI controller.

The 1/4 inch input allows you to connect any musical instrument (or microphone) into the iPad. It also features a 3.5mm stereo jack with dedicated gain control as well as a 3.5mm output jack and stereo RCA line level outs. ┬áThere’s also a separate volume control for the front panel, stereo headphone jack.

You can create musical master pieces, beats and even hook up some DJ rigs directly for recording to the iPad.

The Studio Connect won a best of show in the i-Lounge at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. It’s the perfect gift for that music playing grad, or dad on your shopping list this month.

Find out more or buy it direct from Griffin, here.

Grads & Dads Griffin Has Your New iPad Covered With The Survivor Case

If you’re a musician you probably know the name Griffin, they’ve been synonymous with musical accessories for years. However, for the last few years they’ve also released numerous cell phone, and tablet accessories. While they have cases, covers, and stands they also have mobile device controlled helicopters, and musical accessories for your iPad and iPhone.

Griffin’s Survivor Series cases are the only cases that are certified for military duty. The Survivor series case for the new iPad offers three layers of protection.

The case protects against drops, cracks and breaks but it also protects your new iPad from water damage, dust, and other atmospheric and environmental issues that can damage your iPad. If you’re a true die hard iPad user, and it manages your life, and isn’t just a once in a while toy, then you need this case.

Other cases claim to be military compliant however, as Griffin told us in the video below, Griffin and the survivor series cases are the only cases that are certified, military compliant.

The case adds a little bulk to your iPad but it’s an investment worth protecting. The Survivor case is a must have for your college, or real life bound graduate. Even dad will benefit from the piece of mind offered by the survivor series case which can be found here.

Rawporter Roadtrip: FOSE 2012: Griffin Shows Off Tech For Government, Military & Medical

Griffin the global music and accessory company has shown off a whole different side of their portfolio of accessories at the FOSE show in Washington DC today. We visited the FOSE show today as part of our Rawporter Roadtrip (

Griffin showed off their survivor series cases for the new iPad. These are the only government certified to military spec A10 iPad cases on the market today. We found out that some companies like Otterbox say they are “designed to meet mil spec standards” however the Griffin line is the only line that is certified mil-spec A10 approved. That means that Griffin has gone through the rigorous testing process which includes fully submersing the cases, dropping them from 6 feet and more.

The newest survivor series case, the Survivor 2 will be available in May for the iPad, iPod and iPhone however they are coming shortly after for Samsung and Motorola tablets and smartphones.

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