Rawporter Roadtrip: FOSE 2012: Griffin Shows Off Tech For Government, Military & Medical

Griffin the global music and accessory company has shown off a whole different side of their portfolio of accessories at the FOSE show in Washington DC today. We visited the FOSE show today as part of our Rawporter Roadtrip (www.rawporter.com).

Griffin showed off their survivor series cases for the new iPad. These are the only government certified to military spec A10 iPad cases on the market today. We found out that some companies like Otterbox say they are “designed to meet mil spec standards” however the Griffin line is the only line that is certified mil-spec A10 approved. That means that Griffin has gone through the rigorous testing process which includes fully submersing the cases, dropping them from 6 feet and more.

The newest survivor series case, the Survivor 2 will be available in May for the iPad, iPod and iPhone however they are coming shortly after for Samsung and Motorola tablets and smartphones.

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We then moved on to check out a multi docking, locking, charging and syncing station for iOS devices. The docking station we saw holds up to 10 iPads that will charge at the same time. In addition they can be synced at the same time to the same files so all of the iPads in a government, military or medical fleet can be in sync, have the same apps and the same data. The docking station also locks to prevent theft while the tablets are charging and syncing overnight.

The other neat thing we saw was an iPad case that was designed for medical uses like hospitals and doctors offices. The ruggedized casing will survive low impact drops but in addition the housing is completely sealed and chemical cleaners won’t ruin the electronics of the iPad. The case is also designed to prevent germs and bacteria from getting into the device itself. If the user gets their iPad into a contaminated area it can be literally washed off with water and chemical cleaners and immediately re-deployed. The medical case includes a strap to keep the tablet close by without dropping it as well as a fastener on the back to hold it with one hand.

Griffin makes products like these and even the Woogie stuffed animal that holds an iPhone or iPod touch. They also make musical gear and accessories including a whole line of accessories to work with iPads and iPods. They also make the Helio TC helicopters that are controllable using an app for Android and iOS.


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