Rawporter Roadtrip: Fose 2012 Check Out What SF Based Startup Nixle Is Doing For Communities Everywhere

On our Rawporter Roadtrip stop at the FOSE 2012 show in Washington DC we bumped into the guys from Nixle. Nixle is a new platform that allows municipal agencies like the police, elected officials, and county governments to quickly communicate with their residents in emergency situations, for community announcements and to keep people informed.

When Nixle started in 2009 they had just one local government agency using the service today they have over 5,000 local police and other public safety services using Nixle to communicate with their residents through SMS and mobile applications.

“Nixle provides communities throughout the country with news and information that is both proximate and personally relevant. Our technology is critical in creating new communication paths that have never existed before. We’ve set out to enable highly granular, location-specific information to be immediately available to users, depending on their physical location at any given time. Nixle makes this information instantly available over, SMS, mobile application, email, and web. Nixle’s executive team has in-depth experience and a deep understanding of internal processes at local police departments, emergency service agencies, city and municipal governmental agencies and community outreach organizations. This allows Nixle’s technology to be “best of breed” for these authorized users and ensures credibility of information delivered to residents and community visitors. Given the success of Nixle’s Municipal Wire Service, Nixle is currently releasing new and exciting paid-for services into the marketplace. “

People are beginning to take notice of how fast information can spread by mobile application and text (SMS) messaging. For instance when school campuses get locked down texts go into an all time frenzy. Now with Nixle, those folks living in a city or town that is in some kind of emergency they can rest assured knowing that their police, fire department or other agency may be using the Nixle system giving them an easy way to determine the validity of a message.

Nixle can come in handy in spontaneous natural disasters like Tornados where there is often not enough lead time before the actual damage sets in. Now with a click of a few buttons municipal leaders can quickly dispatch a massive message to their residents.

Nixle was the 2011 winner of the Government Service News: Best Mass Notification System award. Other accolades include the “Outstanding Product of 2012” by Law Officer.

You can see if your city or town is covered by simply texting your cell phone number to 888777.

For more info visit Nixler at www.nixle.com


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