Seattle Startup Doxo Launches One Click Bill Payment For Mobile

Doxo, the Seattle based all in one digital file cabinet and e-payment startup has launched a new one click payment method for bill paying and to top it off, it’s available on mobile as well.

Although Crunchbase has Doxo formed in 2008, the company launched the Doxo platform in mid 2011. Their all in one service allows users to manage all types of bills from one simple easy to use platform. Now you don’t have to bookmark 5 different credit card sites, all your utility sites and your car note. Everything is managed by logging into Doxo.

Doxo and their all in one digital file cabinet and e-pay system is backed by the king of all e-commerce, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, through his investment arm. In addition to their consumer customers, Doxo has attracted government clients in Washington including: Benton County, Chelan County, Clallam County, Clark County, Franklin County, Island County, Lincoln County, Pend Oreille County, Spokane County, Stevens County, Thurston County, Walla Walla County, Clallam County Public Utilities, Mukilteo Water and Sewer District, Lake Stevens Utility District.

Doxo launched an iOS app last summer and just recently updated it. They also just released an Android app available in the Google Play store, both mobile apps allow consumer users to pay their bills using a one-click method on their mobile phones.

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Portland Startup: Churchkey Can Company Gets Tech Investors For Their Nostalgic Beer

This isn’t the first time that tech investors have backed a food and beverage startup. Tech Investors came out in droves to back Jonathan Kaplan, the creator/founder of the Flip video camera with his chain of grilled cheese restaurants called “The Melt”.

Entourage star Adrian Grenier and former Nike designer, Justin Hawkins have teamed up to found the Churchkey Can Company. Churchkey makes what’s being dubbed a “Pacific Northwest brewed Pilsner style craft beer”, however it’s not the beer itself that has everybody talking, but rather the can it’s packaged in.  Churchkey Can Company is putting their beer into a flat topped churchkey  opening can.

Before pull back lids you may remember having a can opener in the house that had a diamond shaped end on it. You would puncture the soup can on both sides and pour the soup our of one of the triangle shaped openings. The opposite opening made sure that the soup poured out smoothly. That’s the same idea behind Churchkey Can Company’s flat can. A style of beer can that dates back to the 1930’s.

ChurchKey Can Company’s flat top steel cans are made out of all recycled steel. Grenier and Hawkins turned to the Ball can company to manufacture the cans for them. According to some, the flat top can and the church key opening actually locks in the freshness.

“It’s about the joy of drinking good beer – from the people you drink it with, to where you drink it, and with this unique package, how you open it,” said Justin Hawkins, Churchkey’s co-founder and creative director. “We didn’t make these traditions, but are keeping them alive with Churchkey.”

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Seattle Startup: Joey Bra, A Bra For Holding Cell Phones, IDs And More

Whether you want to admit to it or not, or whether you think it’s classy or not, we all know someone or maybe you are that someone, who when you need to hold something fit for a pocket and have a nice skirt on or no pocket yoga pants, you’ve resorted to putting it in your bra. Maybe it was a little cash, maybe your drivers license or credit card, perhaps your cell phone. Well now there’s bras made specifically for that. It’s called the Joey Bra.

Mariah Gentry and Kyle Barlow are the co-founders of Joey Bra. These innovative bras include pockets that align with the side of the body capable  of holding your cell phone, some cash, maybe your IDs, and they do it without drawing attention to the bra itself.

Geekwire’s Rebecca Lowell was one of 200 judges at the UW business plan competition. She stumbled upon this innovative new startup the moment she walked through the door. She took notice to the model wearing nothing but a bra up top, a Joey Bra.

This isn’t some gimmicky idea. Gentry is a NASA Space grant student with a double major in entrepreneurship and environmental science. She also was a finalist in the Wells Fargo Case Competition.  She met co-founder Barlow at UW’s Foster School of Business.

The duo is targeting college students and offers two models a strapless version and an 8 way convertible strap version. Lowell reported that her only concern was the access to the items in the compartments and moisture as the result of perspiration. No worries as one of the co-founders works at REI and they’ve  already been sourcing water proof materials.


Source: Geekwire

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Seattle Based Startup Wavii: Finally An Easy To Use News Feed

When you look at Facebook you see the latest news from all your friends carefully curated over time and managed by your friends. Your friends post what they want you to see and you can keep up with them. It’s really great when you think about it.

I connected over the weekend with a friend that I hadn’t seen in person in over a decade. We had been friends on Facebook for two years and we were both pretty caught up on the small talk when we met up. Imagine if something as simplistic as your Facebook feed could be utilized for the news that you get off your RSS reader.

We’ve looked at a lot of news aggregation programs and Wavii, a Seattle-based startup may be the easiest to absorb to date. You login to Wavii via your Facebook account and it immediately populates sources that the system thinks may be of interest to you. You can then click on those sources to add them to your feed.

In about five minutes I created a Wavii feed based on articles I need to keep up with for Nibletz. Naturally every other news reader I’ve got has Android stories and I’ve been looking for something more effective than Google Alerts. I created my account with Facebook and was quickly adding topics that interested me like, Venture Beat, TechCrunch and even Anderssen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners, yes Wavii allows you to get that specific.

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Seattle Start Up Replyboard Uses Risky (But Hilarious) Hidden Camera Videos To Show Risks On Craigslist

replyboard, secret videos, craigslist, techcrunch, pandodaily, thedroidguy, nibletzReplyboard founder Steiner Skipsnes has created a website that allows anonymous buyers and sellers to get rated and become trusted without divulging their private information.

Sure we’ve all heard about or seen the movie “The Craigslist Killer” however dealing with strangers in their homes can be dangerous. Meeting strangers in a public place may seem safe but you could still get totally ripped off when that electronic item you just bought doesn’t charge up ever again, or you find out that used cell phone you bought has a stolen ESN.

Overall the replyboard concept is a valuable one.

Skipsnes is bootstrapping it. In fact he is still working a day job to support replyboard right now. So he was looking for a way to show the importance of replyboard on a rather large scale without spending a huge amount of money on marketing. He also wanted to show his users exactly what replyboard was for without cluttering the message.

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