Seattle Start Up Replyboard Uses Risky (But Hilarious) Hidden Camera Videos To Show Risks On Craigslist

replyboard, secret videos, craigslist, techcrunch, pandodaily, thedroidguy, nibletzReplyboard founder Steiner Skipsnes has created a website that allows anonymous buyers and sellers to get rated and become trusted without divulging their private information.

Sure we’ve all heard about or seen the movie “The Craigslist Killer” however dealing with strangers in their homes can be dangerous. Meeting strangers in a public place may seem safe but you could still get totally ripped off when that electronic item you just bought doesn’t charge up ever again, or you find out that used cell phone you bought has a stolen ESN.

Overall the replyboard concept is a valuable one.

Skipsnes is bootstrapping it. In fact he is still working a day job to support replyboard right now. So he was looking for a way to show the importance of replyboard on a rather large scale without spending a huge amount of money on marketing. He also wanted to show his users exactly what replyboard was for without cluttering the message.

More, and the videos, after the break

That’s why Skipsnes and his friend Nick Ellis spent four months making hidden camera videos of Craigslist purchases in strangers homes. The whole project could have gone drastically wrong at some point, but Skipsnes reported to Betabeat that only one time did it almost become confrontational.

The video collection has over 35,000 views on Youtube so it’s making some sort of dent. The videos are actually hilarious. Take the video below for a second. In this video Skipsnes and Ellis go to someone’s house to buy a guitar. When the seller turns around Skipsnes and Ellis put stoking masks on. When the unsuspecting seller turns around he looks a bit scared. Ellis and Skipsnes are substantially larger than he is.

Take a look at this video where Ellis almost gets punched in the face, right before the camera stops rolling.

Skipsnes got a waiver on each of the sellers and actually finishes out the sale. He usually offers them $50 over what the negotiated price of the item was for their trouble. In that one incident that almost turned to confrontation they weren’t able to get a waiver.

Like I said the videos borderline on hilarity especially once you watch them and realize what you are watching.  Whether you like the videos or not it was a good way for Replyboard to build up some momentum. If you’re a frequent Craigslister it may benefit you to sign up for Replyboard here.

Finally, watch this video it’s in my opinion the funniest. Here the guys go to purchase a lamp. Once inside Nick asks to use the bathroom of the seller. The seller agrees, however a few minutes later the seller finds Nick in the bathroom taking a shower.

source: Geekwire


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