President Obama Joins Pinterest

Although many feel, and statistics are showing, that Pinterest is predominantly for women, one important man has joined the Pinterest Community. That man is our President Barack Obama.

Sure we know that the account is being handled by his social media team, but people who follow Obama on Pinterest will get to see pictures of first dog BO, recipes; like an Obama family recipe for chili and artwork by the first kids.  The great people on Obama’s social media team have already set up pinboards on the President’s account. ObamArt, Obama inspired recipes and “The first family” are all part of Obama’s pinterest feed.

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Obama has never been a stranger to social media. He will often be referred to as the presidential candidate that brought social media into the world of campaigning. While campaigning for the 2008 election Obama had teams around the country handling his Twitter and Facebook feeds and making sure he was reaching the Generation Y citizens, a set of citizens that use social media the most. They are also the set of citizens that can be relied on to get out to vote.

Obama’s Pinterest account doesn’t quite have the must of his other social media outlets just yet. He has about 1,000 followers, which will most likely quadruple in the next day or so.

He’s also not the only 2012 Presidential candidate to get on Pinterest. Mitt Romney. Romney has his own personal Pinterest account which is probably handled by him. He has some photos of fancy hotels he has stayed in. The power in the Romney family on Pinterest though is with his wife. Ann Romney’s Pinterest is filled with family photos, recipes, inspiration and patriotic photos.

There are several “Michelle Obama” Pinterest accounts but so far the White House hasn’t said if they were official or not.

source: Betabeat


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