Apple iMessage Fails To Protect Privacy

Apple iMessage fails to protect privacy. An Apple employee had his iMessage account accidentally hacked by a flaw in the way Apple currently has their iMessage account hardwired to the users SIM card. The apple employees personal details, communications and pictures have been released to the public via Gizmodo and Business Insider. Imagine if you were him. All your little details of your life being available to an anonymous person that could use that information to blackmail you into doing things you really don’t want to do or ruin relationships you have by exposing private personal or work conversations that are not meant to be public knowledge. The list goes on and on. I’m sure you can think of a few things wrong with this scenario too.

Here’s the short story of what happened. A mothers sons iPhone needed service, she takes it to an Apple store in her area for service, she picks it up with it appearing to be working as it should, they later find out it is somehow receiving a mysterious mans iMessage communication. Apparently it was transmitting an Apple employees information. More of the story can be found from the source links.

Currently Apples iMessage account is tied to the users SIM card. This is bad. Other messaging services have a sign in type account instead that makes this particular problem not happen. I’m sure Apple is going to fix this issue quickly. Anyone glad you’re using an Android device right about now?


Via Gizmodo & Business Insider


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