Windows Phone Soon To Join Google+ Party

Google+ took the world by storm this past summer and quickly excelled to over 90 million users. Of course the Google+ Android app has the most features and is the one updated the most however the iOS version has caught on quickly, and after a brief problem with no back button, and no “clickies” it’s almost as good as the Android version.

Windows Phone 7 users were left out in the cold. Google only has one app on the Windows Phone 7 OS and that is their search app which just received a nice overhaul. Google+ users who have a Windows Phone have been relegated to using the mobile web version of Google+. While the mobile web version is pretty feature heavy, it’s not the same as having a dedicated app for the fastest growing social network in the history of social networks.

That may all change soon as a Google PR Rep from Germany, Stefan Keuchel, posted a message on Twitter letting folks know that the Google+ app for Windows Phone 7 is currently in the works. Keuchel didn’t specify a release date.

There’s been a flurry of Google+ news on the internet lately. It all began with a ComScore report that suggested most Google+ users are spending less than 3 minutes a month on the service. That news was compounded by two interviews with one of Google+’s leads VP of Social, Vic Gundotra. The most recent, a fireside chat with author and Twitter celebrity Guy Kawasaki. In the Kawasaki interview Gundotra suggested that people not getting the most out of Google + are using it wrong.

Google has pushed their social initiative to the max by basically integrating almost every Google service available through their social network.

source: Neowin

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