OMGPICTURELIFE: Charles Forman’s Next Project Heating Up

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Charles Forman (left) with MC Hammer & Dan Porter (photo: Business Insider)

The news that Zynga has purchased OMGPOP for a reported $200 million dollars must have made founder Charles Forman very happy, and very rich. While OMGPOP’s executive team has been running the show, Forman, founder of OMGPOP with Dan Porter, has been busy working on his new start up Picturelife.

Picturelife is the collaborative effort of three young executives experiences in the entrepreneur world. You’ve got Charles Forman who started OMGPOP as Iminlikewithyou iilwy, Nate Westheimer, who for 4 years with the Executive Director of the NY Tech Meetup, and Jacob DeHart, founder of threadless.

Picturelife is supposed to be the one central place to put and store all your photos from all your devices. Some in tech circles have called it a Flickr killer. Currently it’s in beta and it will cost you $7.00 a month of $70 for a year to get into the beta.  The founders do promise a freemium model when they launch to the public.

source: VB


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