Ridearoo, A Startup That Originated At Drexel University, Expands To Every College Campus In Philly

Ridearoo is a start up in Philadelphia that was founded by Drexel University graduates Andy Guy and Aksel Gungor. They started ridearoo in 2010 and now it’s starting to pick up traction and is available to all college students in Philadelphia.

Ridearoo isn’t some national gigantic network of rideshares, Ridearoo is designed to be implemented in organizations like colleges, universities and companies with large campuses. Each organization that utilizes the Ridearoo system supplies their students, workers or community members with a password that is customized for their organization.  This way students at Temple University don’t have to comb through drivers and riders at say Villanova. The same would hold true as Ridearoo picks up more clients with companies.

The founders of Ridearoo characterize the service in their own words as:

“We offer a private, online tool to organizations that allows commuters within that organization to set up carpools with colleagues and peers.”

 The Ridearoo service is easy there are three simple steps:

1. Tell Ridearoo your daily commute or special trip

2. Find matches who are going to the same areas or on the same route

3. Join rides

Ridearoo started when Gungor found a ride share board at Drexel University, the idea was born out of that. They then took the ride share board online in the first iteration of Ridearoo. Now it serves every college campus in Philadelphia with plans to expand to other colleges, universities, business campuses and other organizations.


To find out more about Ridearoo visit ridearoo.com



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