Texas Startup Photomadic Is Reviving The Actual Photobooth

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Photomadic Founder Tyler Williams Is Reviving the Photobooth and making it social

Sure we have photobooth on our Mac computers and a thousand “photobooth” apps on our smartphones but Tyler Williams form Dallas Texas is reviving the actual photobooth. Photobooths have been around for decades. Friends, lovers, kids all love cramming into the photobooth and letting the machine rip out four or five photos. Newer photobooths will draw you while you wait or give you a funky background. Williams though, is making photobooths social.

Photomadic is a new kind of photobooth where immediately after the photos are taken you can share the photos on an event website, Facebook, and soon other photo websites and apps. Sounds like a brilliant idea right? Let’s find out more about Photomadic from founder Tyler Williams.

1. What is a photomadic and how did you come up with the idea?

Photomadic is an open air photo booth that lets users share their photos instantly using Facebook, Twitter or Email. It is also completely customizable making it a powerful marketing tool that maximizes ROI and brand/event exposure. Photo booths are one of those things that have been around forever and have only increased in popularity. However we noticed that they all seemed to be about a decade behind in terms of technology and design. After realizing this bizarre truth, we committed to the goal of modernizing the photo booth by connecting it to the online world. During the process, we were constantly amazed at the marketing potential Photomadic has.

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2. How long have you been around, where are you based?

The idea started in November 2011. After about 5 months of start up fun we launched our website, which was just a couple of weeks ago, and ever since then we have been booking events. We had our first event yesterday and it was a huge success. We are based in Dallas, Texas.

3. How many photobooths do you have out now? What your plan for growth?

We only have one booth right now here in Dallas. Our goal is to build 2 more in Dallas in the next 6-8 months before expanding to other large cities

4. Who is your customer?

Although it would be a big hit at any event, the types of events that would benefit the most using Photomadic would be promotional and sponsored events. These types of events will be able to take full advantage of our marketing options such as email and data collection, branded photos, custom sharing messages etc. 
5. Did you bootstrap it or have you had any funding
I’m fresh out of college (SMU ’11), so my funds were limited to say the least. I had my dad help me get a small loan to get me going, between that and a lot of DIY I was able to get off the ground with a pretty low start up cost.
6. Talk for a second about the social aspect of photomadic. The machine instantly shares with Facebook? Are there plans for other social platforms
There are two ipads for users to share photos on, one on each side of the unit. Photos can be shared on users Facebook, Twitter, or they can email photos to themselves and others. We also have an option that shares every photo taken to an album on the events fan page (using a combination of Drop Box Automator and IFTTT). In the future we plan on looking in to Google+ integration, and we have even thought about a type of integration with Instagram.
7. How did you come up with the machine? Did you design it?

Yes I did design Photomadic. I am a professional photographer, and I enjoy design and technology. So designing the unit was a challenge that I really had fun with. We are quite fortunate in today’s world with the kind of access we have to technology and learning resources. I ended up teaching myself a lot, and merging technologies that already existed to create something totally new.

One design element that is essential to the operation of Photomadic is something we call multi-sided interaction. In general most kiosks have one side that the user interacts with, Photomadic has three. While one group is taking pictures, two other groups can be on the ipads sharing photos.

8. Is it just a rental at this time?

Currently Photomadic is only available for rent. Our next business step that we are very excited about is to make Photomadic turn-key and stationary. In the future we see Photomadic at places like theme parks, sports venues, even orthodontists offices and beauty salons.

9. FUN QUESTION: What’s the best photo that’s come out of the machine?

Haha Well I’m sure I will have more in a couple of weeks, but yesterday we set up at an island party and there were some great shots that came from that. I thought the best was a photo of a skinny pale (and pretty hairy) guy with his shirt off eating a chicken wing that made me laugh for a good 5 minutes.


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