Austin Startup: RxNetwork Launches Website To Find Best Local Prices On Prescriptions, App To Come

Austin based pharmatech startup RxNetwork has officially launched their consumer facing website designed to help people find the best possible prices on prescription drugs in their area. The site serves up both online and brick & mortar pharmacies by zipcode.

All you have to do is enter the prescription name, choose the right dosage and enter your zipcode. Once that information is entered RxNetwork searches local pharmacies whether they be stand alone or in big department stores like WalMart and Target, to find the best possible price for your prescription. Where applicable it also shows you the availability of a generic version of that particular prescription and the cost.

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“The cost of prescription drugs continues to rise and more Americans than ever are paying higher out-of-pocket expenses, or even worse forgoing their medications to make ends meet,” said CEO of RxNetwork, Gyan Patra said in a statement. “What’s more, most consumers don’t realize that prices can vary by as much as 80%“. “Our goal is to empower consumers with the latest information, prices and deals on prescription drugs so they can make informed decisions and save money.”

RxNetwork boasts that they have over 50,000 pharmacy locations in their database. They also have pricing on over 18,000 brand name and generic alternative drugs.  You can search the site as a member or non member. If you do decide to join RxNetwork it’s free and joining gives you access to things like price drop email notifications for the medications that you take.

By becoming a member of RxNetwork you can also save your personal prescription history and the prescription history of your entire family. In some cases using RxNetwork can save you 80% off your prescription costs and also a ton of driving around town.

There are plans for a mobile app, soon.




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