Las Vegas Startup: Ticketometer Looking To Disrupt The Ticket Space With Creativity

How creative can the ticket space be? It’s a pretty straight forward business right? Have an event, you need to have a ticket. Nowadays that can be a hard paper ticket, a printed ticket at home or a virtual ticket housed on your smartphone. So is their room for creativity?

Well brothers Ardon and Jaron Lukasiewicz of Las Vegas think there is. In fact creativity is what is driving their startup Ticketometer from being different than all those other event ticketing sites. 24 year old Ardon tells Las Vegas’ Channel 8 news that they have a company of 5 already and their hoping to turn a profit in their first year with their ticketing business.

Ticketometer hopes to attract venues to using their service by being creative. That can mean making a wild and popping event web page or incentivizing ticket sales with new promotions and concepts. Ticketometer also provides back end details on ticket sales to venues, statistics that some other ticketing sites are quick to give up. But that’s not all to their openness. Ticketometer provides information to those buying tickets like how close an event is to actually selling out. Sure we all know what it’s like to miss a ticket sale and find our favorite show is sold out, but when a ticket is available is the show really popular? Are you one of 100 people going to see your favorite local band or one of 5,000. These things make a difference to both the event go-er and the venue.

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Ticketometer also has a transparent ticketing model. Users don’t have to worry about seeing a price on an event page and then paying $12 more dollars for a “convenience fee”. As Ardon explained to channel 8:

“We specialize in creative ticket sales so we’re all about responding to their needs,” Ardon said. “I’d even call it unprecedented customer service. You’ll only see upfront costs on our website, so it’s not like an airline where they try to tack on more and more fees.”

Ticketometer has even figured the band or performers into their strategy. They offer a ticketing option where the band can cancel the event with three weeks to go. This means that a fan can reserve a ticket for a concert or show but won’t actually be charged until the event reaches it’s minimum sales goal, call it a ticketstarter of sorts.  This is great because as you may have experienced, refunding tickets for head count can be a painful and  grueling process.

The brothers could not have picked a better city to grow and scale their ticket process. Las Vegas has millions of ticketed events every year and Ardon plans on targeting every one of them before bringing the service outside of Las Vegas.

“I want to do every event in Las Vegas,” he said. “I’ll work on the hotels one by one by providing value. No event in Las Vegas is too big or too small, and we take every client seriously.” he told Channel 8




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