Kansas City Entrepreneur Inspires Startups To Get Fit With New Fitness Startup Blog

The managing partner and co-founder of Think Big Partners, Herb Sih, has launched a new startup of his own called “Startup Your Fitness”. The new media startup (blog) aims at giving startup founders and entrepreneurs who live the workaholic startup lifestyle fitness and living tips that fit into their busy lives.

The site, which launched on the first of April, was no April Fool’s joke. “Startup Your Fitness” offers exercise tips, diet tricks and health advice that can fit into a busy lifestyle. Sih created the startup because as a serial entrepreneur he found himself drifting further and further away from being in shape.

“I know many other entrepreneurs who are in the same boat as me,” says Sih. “They’re passionate and committed to their dreams, but struggle finding time for exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. So, I’m challenging them to join me in my next venture in building an exercise regimen that works for entrepreneurs just like me.”

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Sih has dedicated the first month of the service to prepare for Ruckus St. Louis, a family friendly obstacle course and mud run taking place on May 5th.

Within his own office at Think Big Partners and the coworking space for their startups called “bizperc” Sih has issued a challenge for employees and startups in the space to go above and beyond their typical workout regiments in the month of April.

Fitness is no strange theme when it comes to startups. Fitocracy co-founder Dick Talens just contributed a piece to TechCrunch called “How I Got Ripped at 500 Startups”. In the piece Talens talks about how he was a “former fat kid” and the challenges he faced at 500 startups. For instance, drinking games and donuts and pizza being available 24 hours a day.

Talens was able to design his own dietary and workout plan that didn’t interfere with his 500 startups commitments. He was able to stay “ripped” even through a schedule like this:

9-10am – Gym
10-12pm – Work/Meetings
Lunch – Footlong from Subway, chips, free food from 500 Startups.
12:30-8pm – Work/Meetings
Dinner – Large plate of barbeque beef with unlimited veggies
8:30-10pm – Work/Meetings
10pm – Party with the 500 crew.  Anywhere from 5-15 drinks.

To read the rest of Talen’s story click here

For more on “Startup Your Fitness” visit this link


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