Kansas City Startup: Rare Wire Takes The Wraps Off Their Native Mobile App Building Platform

The do it yourself app space is getting crowded, however most of the DIY app building platforms are based on HTML 5 or just wrappers for mobile sites. What Matt Angell and Kirk Hasenzahl, the co-founders of Rare Wire have built is a platform for non-developers to build their own native apps.

If you’re not familiar with the term native apps, that’s an app that you download to your smartphone or other mobile device, that for the most part functions on it’s own on the hardware side. Non native apps require the backbone of the internet to operate on and HTML 5 in most cases. The advantage to native apps is that they are popular and give the developer and user a sense that the app is created specifically for what it was downloaded to do. The advantage to HTML 5 is that it’s truly multi-platform enabled.

Rare Wire is an app development firm that builds white label apps for clients like the United States Military Academy at West Point, Ebony Magazine and the Atlantic, so they have a bunch of credibility backing them. They’ve been using their platform, called The Wire, to build apps for their clients, but are now unleashing it to other developers. According Hasenzahl the platform that they’ve developed allows developers with just web development experience to design truly native apps.

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“Our grand vision for RareWire from day one is that we wanted to be a software provider, where we could provide a platform to enable any web developer to build native apps,” Hasenzahl, the company’s president told Silicon Prairie News.

“What Matt (Angell)┬áinvented that has played out to give us a huge advantage is the best of both worlds. It’s a platform that creates true native apps, but to build an app on our platform you don’t have to be a programmer. You build apps in a new flavor of xml we invented called the Wire. So it only takes the skills of a web developer to build native apps on our platform.”

Last month Angell and Hasenzahl picked up two Appy Awards for the mobile apps they created for the Atlantic.

They recently just recently released The RareWire App Creation Studio to a couple hundred developers in an invite only beta.

RareWire hopes that their platform will be able to be utilized across multiple platforms at one time, similar to HTML 5 without the limitations often brought by HTML 5. Because of the way they’ve created the RareWire App Creation Studio, the platform is more scalable.

“One of the things we’re excited about is building out our platform for other operation systems,” Hasenzahl said. “It will truly be a solution where you build an app once in our Wire language, and you can click a button and publish it on multiple operating systems. If we can get there, that would be big for us.”

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