Florida Startup: Showoff.com Provides DIY Home Virtualization For All

If you’ve purchased a new home in the last few years you may have had your real estate agent show you what the house you were buying would look like with hardwoods instead of carpet, or sky blue paint instead of brown. They may have shown this to you on a laptop using some very expensive virtualization software.

Well the folks at VisApp in Sarasota has launched an award winning web tool called showoff.com that provides free virtualization software for home owners. This new startup has already won the award for the best website generating leads at the 2012 BizTech Innovation Summit in Tampa.

Showoff.com was also showing off their home virtualization tool at the DEMO conference in Santa Clara California last week.

While the fact that you can use showoff.com when you’re buying a new house, the software can be applied in so many other ways. TechNewsWorld’s Rob Enderle is building a house in Belize. As he writes in his piece about Showoff.com’s appearance at DEMO, he can now do all his modifications at home and see what they’ll look like at his house in Belize. Possibly shaving off some expensive travel to and from, not to mention explaining to his contractor in Belize exactly what he wants. With Showoff.com he can just show him.

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Using the showoff.com tool you can design everything from the exterior, trim, siding, landscaping and interior of your home. You can use the tool to make gradual upgrades and remodeling projects to your home or you can use it to visualize what your new home will look like after you inject your own life into it.

Once you’ve got your home looking the way you want it you can contact contractors and vendors with just a click and get free estimates. Again, they know exactly what you’re looking for because they can see the same thing you designed using the tool.

While you may think something like this would cost hundreds of dollars, or even some recurring $19.99 per month fee, showoff.com’s virtual home make over tool is completely free. They obviously make their money off referrals which is actually a win-win because the home owner knows what they want and the contractor can see actual pictures. Now if the contractor doesn’t use the right granite or the right siding there’s no way they can dispute what you’ve designed.


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Source: TechNewsWorld


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