Baltimore Startup Parking Panda Launches Service In Washington DC

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One of the things Cameron and I noticed when we were in Washington DC as part of our nationwide startup road trip, was that their parking meters were equipped for internet payment. That meant we could refill our parking meters while we were meeting with some great startups all over town, and not have to run back to the meter. Convenience had it’s price but we needed to do what we needed to do.

If you don’t want to mess with the high tech innovative meters in DC, or the hassle of finding a space, Baltimore Startup Parking Panda has you covered. Parking Panda works with owners of un-utilized parking spaces. These could be in the form of small lots of the side of buildings, or parking company owned lots that have spaces that aren’t used on a regular basis.

Parking Panda Users can rent spaces using the service and basically pay in advance for a guaranteed spot. This really comes in handy, especially in a city like Washington DC where street parking, even at the meter, can be scarce.

“A city resident myself, I know that finding available parking can be maddening, expensive, and sometimes almost impossible,” said Nick Miller, CEO of Parking Panda. “Parking Panda takes the hassle and expense out of searching for a parking spot. Parking in D.C. will no longer be such a time-consuming, daunting task because people can reserve spots ahead of time and for less money.”

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In Washington DC Parking Panda has teamed up with two parking garage companies PMI and Central Parking which control a majority of the public garages in the city. Users can sign up for Parking Panda and then rent spaces in those garages, using the service, for a reduced rate.

parkingpanda, baltimore startup, nibletzParking Panda works a lot like you can choose to pay to park the same day, and for only one day, as the time you log on, or you can choose multiple days. When you choose multiple days Parking Panda calculates the total for you and then you’re good to go for those days. This is perfect for those traveling to DC by car for more than one day.

Also like Parking Panda serves up all the information you need to know about your cars parking spot. There are photos, near by attractions, and the closest metro routes for dc lots. They also have similar information for their Baltimore lots as well.

Parking Panda allows you to create your own account using your email address or you can connect to Parking Panda via Facebook. The service is currently only available in Baltimore and Washington DC with more markets on the way.

“Knowing that a parking space is ready and waiting for you when you get there, and that it’s fully legal, puts your mind at ease,” said Miller. “Whether you’re a daily commuter, or you’re heading into the city to see a friend or attend an event, Parking Panda will help you park happy.”


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