Baltimore: Betamore Plans To Launch Charm City’s 3rd Tech Focused Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces are hot. With the rise in startups and entrepreneurship cities everywhere are finding themselves home to these new centers. We’ve visited a bunch of co-working sites up and down the east coast as part of our sneaker strapped start up road show.

Three Baltimore entrepreneurs, Greg Cangialosi, Mike Brenner and Sean Lane have teamed up to bring Baltimore’s third tech focused, incubator, accelerator co-working space to life. The space is called “Betamore” a rather clever name don’t you think. Betamore joins the Emerging Technology Center and a forthcoming space which is a partnership between Loyola and Wasabi partners, now that’s hot (you see what I did there).

Betamore is part Hybrid Accelerator, Incubator and co-working space says the website Citybizlist Baltimore.

The space is 8,000 square feet and will feature two large classrooms, dedicated office space, conference room space and a co-working space. If you’re not familiar with co-working spaces, think the lunch table at your high school, just much longer with plugs and internet. Oh and of course toss out the gossipy drama because one thing is proven about co-working spaces and that is that people love to talk about startups and people actually help each other.

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Some co-rowking spaces even become like families. While a lot of startups begin with just one person working full  time, co-working spaces allow that person to have some element of social interaction, trust me working at home alone, while fun at first, can be monotonous. Most co-working spaces, like Betamore, also offer mentorship, classes and places to have meetings and conferences.

Brenner describes Betamore as:

“We’re positioning Betamore as an urban campus for technology and entrepreneurship with a two-fold mission. First, it aims to stimulate the establishment and growth of technology-based startup companies through business collaboration, incubation, and mentorship. Second, and arguably most important, we’ll be offering an education to the public community led by current industry experts. Betamore’s educational curriculum aims to fill the gap between the offerings of a traditional liberal arts education and the skills required for 21st century jobs.”

They haven’t said when it plans to launch but they’ve added a bunch to their website and set up an information request form which hopefully means it’s soon. Betamore will be in the revitalized, now a bit swanky, Federal Hill neighborhood of south Baltimore.


Sign up for more info on Betamore here at their website

Source: citybizlist Baltimore

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