L.A. Startup: BuzzMob Is First Company In MWW Ventures

MWW is one of the largest PR firms in the country with a global presence. Their client list includes some of the top tier companies in their industries. Nikon and Samsung Mobile are both represented by MWW among a long list of familiar brands.

MWW just announced a new venture capital project spearheaded by their global head of technology and digital content, Ephraim Cohen. MWW ventures is incubating startups that advance media, marketing and public relations industries by investing firm resources in exchange for equity.

Cohen told Nibletz.com that MWW Ventures was developed by he and MWW Group CEO Michael Kempner who is a serial entrepreneur. With the verticals that the MWW Group is involved with Cohen says they come across great startups all the time. With MWW Ventures, the MWW Group will invest and incubate companies that will help them stay on “…the cutting edge of technology”.

Buzzmob, a Los Angeles startup was announced as MWW Ventures first portfolio company last week. Buzzmob is a mobile app for live events that forms location based social networks in real time and on the fly.

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Anyone using BuzzMob can connect with the people around them experiencing the same social activity. At concerts, sporting events, college campuses, shopping centers and more, users can create or join a GPS-enabled BuzzMob Ring to share messages, tips reviews, photos and other content in a contained community. BuzzMob is working directly with venues, brands and organizations to develop custom and curated content in BuzzMob Rings that enhance the live event experience and provides these partners with a revolutionary consumer engagement and marketing vehicle. Target markets include stadiums, sport teams, music tours, amusement parks, political campaigns, conferences, colleges, as well as shopping centers and mass retailers, among others.

“MWW Group’s national network, high level business relationships, and broad digital, media and marketing expertise will be an incredible asset to us as we continue to grow through event and brand partnerships,” said Jeff Jackel, BuzzMob’s CEO. “This strategic partnership is a testament to BuzzMob’s market potential and unique capabilities in the real-time event and social space.”

Through MWW Ventures Buzzmob will join the MWW portfolio of companies. MWW will become Buzzmob’s agency of record.  MWW Group will provide a mix of corporate, consumer, and trade marketing, media relations, digital and community management and strategic partnership building.

In speaking with Cohen confirmed to Nibletz.com that through partnerships both inside and outside of  the MWW Group’s client network MWW Ventures will partner their portfolio companies up with the best vendors for the client.

Cohen to Nibletz.com that those companies chosen to be part of the MWW Ventures portfolio will then have the MWW Group as their agency of record and will be treated to the same services and care that are given to other clients that are similarly sized and with similar budgets.

To our knowledge this is the first venture partnership of it’s kind for a major public relations firm. MWW Ventures is led by the executives of the MWW Group. We’ve seen in the past, incubators that offer cloud based services, development services, engineering services and even legal services. Although MWW keeps their service rates private, we can confirm that they are in line with other firms their size and with their global presence and resources. Based on that alone the partnership in firm services is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years.


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