Kansas City Startup: Cognovant Raises $500k For mPHR Pocket Health

A Kansas City startup called Cognovant launches last summer and has been working on a new, easy to use mPHR (mobile personal health record) application. Their application, called PocketHealth, is actually a suite of applications and is cross platform. The company has been saying for months that they will be launching on iOS and Android this month.

With the news that they just raised a $500,000 seed round, they should be that much closer to reaching their deadline.

Cognovant’s PocketHealth, will be free for individual users to download and use. The app captures data and allows users to manage their wellness. It’s built under the stringent medical industry standards. Cognovant has said that the application is based on international data standards and has the same foundation as a full electronic medical record.

Cognovant CEO, Dr. Joe Ketcherside, confirmed to SiliconPrairie today that they are still on track for a  launch in about two weeks after final testing is complete.

Beyond the base, free app, users will be able to download a multi-user “family” version which will give users the ability to manage multiple health records. They will also have an upgrade called PocketHealth PHR which will allow users to manage more complex health issues.

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“We want to be the iTunes of health,” said Ketcherside, a former neurosurgeon and Cognovant founder. “Our mPHR will be entirely consumer-controlled and owned. This will allow data mobility across the person’s lifetime as they change jobs/careers, providers, location, or needs. This will also provide personal control of health record security, privacy, and reuse or sharing.

“The value of including consumers as ‘information donors’ in the health system is becoming widely recognized and accepted because much of this data and context would otherwise not be captured,” he added. “Patients taking charge of their daily care management is an absolute game-changer. Our mPHR will not diminish the role of the physician, but will enlarge the role of the patient in his or her care and wellness decisions.”

mHealth is a budding field with more and more apps connecting to medical records and personal information, and empowering the user.

“This seed round of funding enabled development of PocketHealth and its forthcoming introduction into the Android and iOS markets,” Ketcherside said in the release. “PocketHealth is an easy-to-use empowerment tool for anyone who juggles multiple medications or medical conditions, for parents who must keep track of their kids’ immunizations, for caregivers who manage appointments, and for anyone who is tired of filling out the same forms at the doctor’s office over and over again.”


Find out more about Cognovant’s PocketHealth here

Source: SPN

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