Samsung Graces Galaxy S III With Pentile Display In Hopes Of Longer Screen Life

The use of Pentile screens in high-end smartphones has been quite a controversy since it all began. The DROID X2 was one of the first devices to rise to an infamous level for its Pentile screen, and many people in the tech community do not like the way these screens portray color and the different objects on the screen. That’s why when we heard that the Galaxy S III would, indeed, have a Super AMOLED (Pentile) screen and not a Super AMOLED Plus screen, we were a little upset. With a 4.8″ display, the screen is one of the things the GSIII was banking on to attract customers.

When Samsung shared their response however, our opinions changed a little. Apparently in the Super AMOLED Plus screens the sub-pixels that make up the screen degrade a little faster than in Super AMOLED screens. Samsung wanted to guarantee that users would have beautifully bright and colorful screens long after they purchased their device, so they decided to go with Pentile screens this time around. Samsung stated that the screens on the the GSIII and the Galaxy Nexus are very similar, and you shouldn’t be able to tell much difference between the two. However, compared to some newer devices that aren’t made by Samsung, you definitely can tell the difference if you really look for it. Pentile screens sometimes affect the way colors show up, perfectly shown by the DX2 when viewing the  Android Market’s green colors. Now that the Play Store is here, you may not be able to see it that way, but I’m sure many people will notice if coming from other high-res screens like the One-X’s or the iPhone 4S’s retina display.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy S III having a Pentile display will affect your chances of purchasing it? Have you ever used a device with a Pentile screen and actually noticed the difference? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and we will be sure to keep you updated on the release and ongoing review of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.


Source: Engadget 


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    Elijah, the question isn’t has somebody been able to use a device with Pentile display AND NOT NOTICE it.
    The main reason I parted with the Galaxy Nexus so quickly was because of the subpar experience with the display. The VERY FIRST thing I noticed with the GNex was the fact that I would never be able to ignore the pentile display.
    The first and only device that did not immediately look jagged and leave me disappointed with a pentile display was the HTC One S.
    In theory the use of Super AMOLED in a high resolution display such as in the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S 3 shouldn’t leave users wanting – due to the higher pixel density. At least with the GNex that wasn’t the case. Having both the GNex and Rezound side by side there was absolutely NO DOUBT which device had pentile and which was the typical RGB set up.

    I was not thinking of purchasing the S3 but I know without a doubt that I would hold off for the next device with either the SLCD2 or SAMOLED+ display for my next purchase.

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