Michigan Startup: Credentialock Is A Cloud Vault For All Your Credentials

Do you have any certifications? What about your college and high school diploma? Where are your high school and college transcripts? What about that real estate license? All of these questions could probably be answered in one place if Credentialock was around 20 years ago.

Credentialock is a new Michigan startup that just launched their free web based version this past week. It is essentially a cloud based vault for all of your important credentials, transcripts and licenses.

More and more people are turning to cloud based storage for their important computer files. Even more people are turning to digital storage for things like receipts,important papers, even back up copies of drivers license, credit card and passport information. While some may already have some kind of digital record of their “credentials” Credentialock makes it easy to store all of your important papers in one spot.

“My wife is in the insurance industry and she has over 100 documents of certification from 20 different states to keep track of, so we always use her as the benchmark,” Credentialock CEO Scott Slyfield CEO told Sara Schmid of Xconomy. “Instead of having our employers keep track of this stuff, we need to be able to own and manage it ourselves. It’s really empowering.”

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Credentialock has other important features that go beyond just document storage. For cases like Slyfield’s wife who is an insurance agent, users can set reminders within Credentialock that will tell you when important licensing is coming up for renewal.

Slyfield is offering free credential vaults for students and individuals. He also plans to offer the service in a paid form, to enterprise clients like hospitals, schools and banks which may need to save thousands of certifications in the cloud.

The Michigan based startup is already teaming up with a company called Eductarium. Eductarium was founded by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Entrepreneur of the Year Cheng Chen. Chen’s company offers tutoring, consulting and research to Chinese students seeking to attend school in the United States.

Chen found a lot of plagiarism existed in essays for entry to United States schools. He found he was reading the same essays over and over again. By teaming up with Slyfield and Credentialock they are working on some kind of verification tool that will be able to verify the authenticity of credentials, documents and even essays within the system. There are currently some web based tools university’s use to authenticate work but this would be an all in one tool.

Slyfield tells Xconomy that “Credentialing is a huge, growing market right now”. Slyfield is no stranger to human resources, a vertical which would be a cornerstone to Credentialock. He grew his human resources company Assurion into a $140 million dollar business before selling it a few years ago, reports Xconomy.


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Source: Xconomy Detroit

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