DC Startup: Hitch An Uber Alternative To Taxicabs VIDEO

We were asked several times at the TechCocktail event Thursday night who our favorite startup was at TechBUZZ earlier in the week. In my opinion it was a three way tie between Syllabuster, Cont3nt and Hitchrides.com

Hitchrides.com is another alternative source for transportation in the form of an app. It blends crowdsourcing, social networks and transportation. Hitch is good for the environment and for the user.

David H Miller the founder of Hitch says that Hitch is a way for drivers to make money whether they are driving to or from work, down the street, around town or a long ways away. It’s like the ride-share section of Craigslist but safer, more efficient and for money.

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Miller is taking on Uber and Hailo by putting the driving and riding power in the hands of the community at large. Drivers and riders will be able to receive feedback within the hitch community so you know you’re not getting in the car with someone crazy.

Hitch’s cloud based service takes care of locating drivers going your way, conducting the transaction and allowing the rider to pay via credit card through the app. For now it will be an iOS app but could go to other platforms later on.

Uber has run into a lot of problems with municipalities surrounding cab laws and driving for fares. Will Hitch see similar hurdles? We don’t know just yet but AirBnb hasn’t had snafus with the regulators of hotels, at least not to the amount Uber has seen with transportation.

What really attracted us to Hitch was the community atmosphere of it. To become a convenient mainstay though Hitch is going to need wide adaptation and build scale in huge strides. This is something that Miller is trying to do with appearances at events like TechBUZZ.

Check out the solid pitch video below:


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