Toronto Startup: SocialBungy Is A DIY Promotional Platform For Social Media INTERVIEW

Canadian startup SocialBungy is a unique do it yourself platform to hold contests, sweepstakes and other engaging promotions across Facebook, Twitter and even micro-sites. SocialBungy promises not to be a template type tool, but offer all kinds of customizable options to help any size business launch promotions with real gaugeable ROI.

As much as we love reporting about startups “everywhere else” we also love it when we can talk with startups that offer a real benefit to other startups like SocialBungy. If you’re a startup and you’ve been evaluating some of the top level PR agencies out there, you’ve probably found that some of them have minimums per month in the tens of thousands of dollars.  With SocialBungy you’ll be able to take your own idea and match it up to the services SocialBungy offers and not break the startup bank.

But SocialBungy isn’t just for the startup. They have programs for startups, small businesses, large brand and even agencies. SocialBungy is backed by the marketing and promotional experience of founder Mike Barwick who spent years in marketing and then launched his own social marketing firm.

“Our goal when launching the company was to make campaigns launched online sexy and engaging again – an area I think other like-minded companies are starting to lose focus on,” says founder Barwick said in a statement.

We got a chance to talk with Barwick more in-depth about SocialBungy, check out the interview after the break.

What is SocialBungy?

SocialBungy is an online DIY platform to launch contests, sweepstakes, and other promotions across Facebook, Twitter, as well as the abilities to launch a good ol’ fashion micro-site or widget for your website.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?

The team consists of 3 individuals; myself the Founder and CEO, along with two technical founders from Montreal. I’ve spent the last two years running my own Social Marketing Company helping brands launch and develop online promotions across Facebook. My client list ranges from household names like Lindt Chocolate to numerous small businesses. My partners, Jan Bui & Dimitri Nikolaros, who run their own development company have developed numerous start-ups, complex financial applications, and are the technical folks behind

Where are you based?

SocialBungy is a Toronto and Montreal based start-up out of Canada.

How did you come up with the idea?

One of the most consistent things I heard while working with brands is that they wanted to build a campaign that was unique! They wanted to stand out…not look like the next guy.

So what did they do? They hired people like me. They didn’t want to use some “cookie-cutter” template offered by our competitors. I saw an opportunity here.

What problem does SocialBungy solve?

I wanted to create a platform that ditches the template concept altogether and offer brands a variety of layouts for their campaigns with as many customizable features as possible – including custom HTML for the more advanced users.  Allowing for every single campaign launched through our platform to be unique in one way or another.

With our competitors, very little customization is allowed, they don’t offer any post-entry strategies, such as our Email Confirmation feature, which sends a custom email to users following their entry, and they don’t offer any direct programs to attract agencies and social media marketers.

What is your secret sauce?

Bold question. Outside of our unique and new campaign formats we have coming out, which we’re not disclosing at this time (we’ll be launching into beta mode with 2 standard campaign types first, contests and sweepstakes), we have a few things that set us apart. Most notable is our self-serve Agency Program, where marketing agencies of all sizes can launch campaigns for their clients with their own “Powered By” logo – instead of ours, receive an instant commission rebate, and have the option of paying by invoice. We really built our solution for agencies and social marketers alike!

Who are 2 of your mentors?

None at this time. We’re currently in the process of being funded. No confirmed details to give at this time.

What is one lesson you’ve learned in launching SocialBungy?

While we haven’t launched yet, my answer would be strictly technical – pay attention to detail and user feedback! Oh, and not to expect to get 8 hours sleep every night. Weekends – what’s weekends?

What’s next for SocialBungy?

We’re currently 75% done our platform. We are just tying up the loose ends. So our focus now has been to  really finish up the platform. Get it into the hands of the hundreds of beta testers we have standing by.

Where can people learn more about SocialBungy? (feel free to link us to anything and everything)

We’re currently giving away FREE campaigns on our website up until our launch (a $249 value).

Company Twitter:

Founder & CEO Twitter:

Company Facebook:

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