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Washington DC area serial entrepreneur Amir Hudda is at it again. This time though, he’s created a new startup for his kids. Hudda has had several successful exits bringing tens of millions of dollars in profit to his investors.

The story goes a bit like this. As busy as Hudda is, he and his wife still noticed that his children spend a great deal of time on the computer. Furthermore they spend even more time on iPods,iPads,iPhones and as Hudda puts it “i-everything”. With his background in technology he wanted to do something about this problem but he didn’t want to strip his children of technology.

That’s we he founded Naaya. Naaya is a web and mobile based learning platform that provides a lot more than simple coloring games and match the picture games. ┬áThe World Of Naaya takes kids through a fully immersive experience where they explore worlds, while learning robust curriculum targeting reading, social studies and 21st century skills.

While there are a lot of companies offering e-learning through the web and mobile Naaya is the first that isn’t targeting just kids and students. Hudda wants parents, teachers and schools to get involved as well.

Naaya features an entire parent portal that will offer reporting to the parent on what the child has been learning, messages they have been sending and receiving, and target areas where the child may need help.

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Schools and Teachers are offered a similar interface so that they can take the Naaya curriculum to the classroom. The parental, teacher and school offerings are Hudda’s strategy for monetization. He has outlined a way that where if he can get just a fraction of the schools in the US (and later abroad) to adopt the Naaya curriculum as either a lesson or activity, the company can become profitable in a short time.

Hudda plans to continue to reinvest into the platform to make the the world of Naaya an ongoing experience. Right now it’s geared to children 5-12 but Hudda has said he will evaluate expanding the curriculum later on.

Check out Hudda’s pitch here and see why Hudda is eager to expand The World of Naaya outside of the Hudda Household:


Parents check out Naaya here

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