Interview With St. Louis Startup Systematic Revenue, Eons More Efficient Than Constant Contact

Earlier this month we reported that Cultivation Capital had invested $100,00 in Sytematic Revenue.

Systematic Revenue is a great automated system that allows you to keep consistently following up with your contacts, customers and prospects. According to many sources it takes up to 6 follow ups with a contact to make a sale. With Systematic Revenue those followups are automated, but learned and made to feel genuine. This is achieved because Systematic Revenue’s system learns about your contacts.

You start by importing all of your contacts from your major social networks, Outlook, Google contacts or any other relevant data file. From there you can create campaigns with any number of steps you like and any frequency that you like. You can also incorporate Systematic Revenue with your contact form on your company’s website so that when you get a new contact it’s automatically entered into Systematic Revenue’s database and entered right into the campaign.

Systematic Revenue takes the premise of ConstantContact and makes it relevant to the business world by providing some features originally only found in robust CRM systems and applying them to your contact database, making the followups relevant and easier to create sales and revenue.

We got a chance to interview Systematic Revenue below:

What is Systematic Revenue?

Systematic Revenue provides growing businesses with an easy to use and affordable marketing automation application to consistently follow up with all of their prospects and customers in a meaningful and relevant way. Consistent multi-channel follow up helps a business convert prospects to customers and build loyalty of existing customers.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?

The founders are Don Breckenridge and Jim Siverts. For over 10 years, Don was CEO of, a leading SaaS solution for the recruiting industry. Jim, a successful franchise business owner in the automotive industry, helped co-found and finance the company. They both understood the challenges of driving sales and revenue with limited time and resources. In their businesses, they had to drive revenue through marketing automation, but were frustrated by the lack of affordable, intuitive and easy to use solutions on the market.

After selling Sendouts, Jim and Don teamed up to create Systematic Revenue – a powerful, easy to use, and yet affordable marketing automation solution for any business.

Where are you based?

We are based in St. Louis, Missouri in the historic Railroad Exchange Building in the heart of downtown in a space known as “TRex.”

What is the startup scene/culture like in St. Louis?

Entrepreneurial activity is exploding in St. Louis. The Kauffman Foundation ranks Missouri 6th in its entrepreneurial activity. TRex in downtown St. Louis seems to be at the heart of this growth incubating many new startup and funds to help capitalize those startups. Working around other companies in your same position makes for great energy and learning.

This space is really an ecosystem, with companies rising from the very beginning and getting picked up by venture capital companies like Capital Innovators (whose program we are in now), Arch Grants and Cultivation Capital. We feel that we are in now is in the heart of the ecosystem.

How did you come up with the idea?

At our former company Sendouts, we used high end marketing automation and it was expensive and sophisticated but it worked. We were a software development company so it was fine for us. We came to the realization that most businesses would not be able to use this product and thought these businesses could use something more affordable and easier to use.

What is the problem Systematic Revenue solves?

All businesses have limited resources, especially in their sales departments. What these companies tend to do is only focus on their hot prospects because that’s all they can do. Our system enables them to follow up with all of their prospects in a consistent and meaningful way. Many times they get behindon following up. This creates a huge deficit in the sales they are making and the sales they COULD be making. With Systematic Revenue used to automate their marketing practices (e-mail, direct mail and phone calls) following up becomes much easier and manageable.

What is your secret sauce?

Ease of use. We have taken something that is highly sophisticated and expensive and boiled it down to something that is easy to use.

What is one dilemma you face in the startup process?

With any new company you have to get your internal processes down. Everybody starts, in a sense, playing every position on the field. Eventually everyone needs to be playing their own positions and we are figuring those out as we go.

What’s next for SystematicRevenue?

We will of course continue to build features on the product but also continue to expand in sales and marketing and expanding our user base.


Check out Systematic Revenue for yourself here

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