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New Turkish startup has introduced a new analytics platform for mobile apps. offers simple easy to understand analytics for game studios, marketeers, agencies, operators and anyone with a mobile app trying to track engagement and loyalty.

Countl.y is a real-time, open source mobile analytics application. It collects data from mobile phones, and visualizes this information to analyse mobile application usage and end-user behaviour. We opened up shop with a deep belief that even boring-looking analytics can be fun to learn, use and experience, without compromising great features.’s dashboard is easy to read but robust and provides a lot of information to any sized mobile app developer.

They’re entering into a crowded space but seems to know what they’re doing and ready to take on the big boys. Check out the interview below:

What is

Countly is an innovative, real-time mobile analytics platform for game studios, marketers, agencies, operators, and pretty much everyone with an intention to focus on increasing the loyalty, user retention and usability of their mobile applications.

Countly does this by putting a simple SDK in your app, and start measuring the performance as your customers use it. You can count users, sessions, find out top countries, carriers, and measure user loyalty and session frequency.

In short, Countly simply shows you how your mobile app performs.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?

We are 4 people with backgrounds ranging from web programming to mobile development, from community management to user experience design. While our domain expertise differ, our common attitude is to spend a lot of time with details, be it code, web page, user interface or product idea.

Where are you based?

We are all located in beautiful city of Istanbul, in Turkey.

What problem does solve?

With Countly, we are trying to convince people that mobile analytics should be a usual part of their mobile development and project management. If they understand how their application works, then it’s possible to increase loyalty, user retention hence sales. Mobile analytics in fact is a big chunk of mobile marketing strategy, because it’s the only way to measure performance and enhance ROI.

Countly solves this problem by showing important usage data about your application on an ease-to-read dashboard, so you can focus on the issues of your application, fixing bottlenecks, increasing usability and user loyalty.

How did you come up with the idea?

Working closely with mobile world and telecom operators, we were aware of the shortcomings and issues of what mobile app developers have been facing for a long time: lack of an ease-to-use mobile analytics platform with a focus on extensibility and feature richness. We started with what companies would want, and then started working on the main idea. We are baking up our business strategy at the moment, and talking to a few VCs to realize our next big dream.

What’s your secret sauce?

Only one thing: everlasting enthusiasm. Anything and everything other than the willingness and excitement to produce something that’s of benefit to other people is trivial. We love the fact that someone out there is using our product, and loving it so much. This is what makes us more than happy and satisfied with our job.

What’s one challenge you overcame in the startup process?

The biggest challenge was to decide on the technology and user interface as we had to make a comparison among several web technologies to make a concrete decision. I had to admit that it took a lot of time to decide on a framework and start coding. Not a complete challenge, but trying to choose a proper user interface element from a big list in order to visualize data was another big task.

What’s next for

While we are on par with most analytics platform out there, we are willing to extend the functionality more so Countly is platform agnostic, that is, it can track any device in the world – be it a Samsung Smart TV, a Tizen-powered tablet, a smart board at school or an in-car entertainment system. With Countly, we have the ability to track everything, and since it’s open source, we welcome everyone to be a part of our growing, lively family.


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