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surveyme,uk startup,startup,startups,international startup,startup interviewBusiness owners are constantly looking for the best way to get customer feedback with the best possible return. According to many surveys, comment cards, even ones that offer incentives, see around 1% return or engagement. Surveys that print out on receipts and direct patrons to websites aren’t very effective either. That’s why many companies have found the need and desire to take their surveys to the mobile device.

UK startup SurveyMe solves the problem of creating surveys just for mobile devices by offering an easy to use platform for business owners to design mobile surveys. In fact, even business owners with minimal web experience can create good looking, easy to use and easy to navigate surveys. SurveyMe has tried to make their platform easy enough to use, so that if you know how to use the internet you can create a survey.

SurveyMe is another great startup with a husband and wife co-founders, Lee and Nicola Evans. While this is the Evans’ family’s first internet startup they’re no strangers to owning a business. The Evans were the original owners of The Bear Factory in Ireland, a brand that was eventually bought out by St.Louis giant Build A Bear.

While they’re not making bears, they’re making their survey platform as easy as letting a three year old create a bear, and the UI as appealing.

We got a chance to talk to Lee Evans. Check out our interview below:

What is SurveyMe?

SurveyMe is a free survey app for smartphone and tablet devices. SurveyMe does everything that traditional online surveys do but on mobiles. SurveyMe is unique in that it can capture feedback at the point of experience, which means that the response rates are higher and the feedback is more honest as it is not clouded by other influences. SurveyMe is not a web-enabled survey tool like most on the market.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds

Husband and wife team Lee and Nicola Evans. Lee’s background is in retail, having used to own The Bear Factory Ireland (now known as Build a Bear), he also has extensive experience in Corporate Finance where he helped owner-managed businesses grow through to sale and exit. Nicola has worked in marketing for many years for brands such as The Coca-Cola Company (London), Coca-Cola Bottlers (Sydney and Dublin), she then used her skills in hospitality, advertising agencies, accountancy and law.

Where are you based?

Based in Cheshire, UK

What is the startup culture like where you are based?

Manchester is the nearest city to us and recently there is a lot of talk of tech companies moving to the city to take advance of the relocation of the BBC. They are trying to set up a Manchester version of Silicon Valley in the Northern Quarter of the city.

What problem does your startup solve?

SurveyMe gives businesses the ability to get real-time, honest and fast feedback on anything they want to know. Most people have done paper surveys or comment cards but for a business they cost to design, print and then time to input the data into useful formats. Alternatively with online surveys the response rates are typically around 1% as you rarely hit customers at the right moment when they have time to complete a survey, plus they have the added problem that by the time you’re being asked to log on at home/office a million different things have happened which may have an effect on your responses whether you realise it or not.

SurveyMe gets rid of all those problems as our surveys are on mobile or tablet devices and can be completed at the point of experience without your opinions being clouded and some clients boast of 80% response rates. SurveyMe also puts all the data into easy to read graphs or you can download the raw data if you prefer so saves the business time.

For example in the queue in the supermarket you waste probably about 5-10 minutes in line waiting, with SurveyMe the supermarket could use that time to ask you for feedback on your shopping experience plus they can reward you with 10% off your shopping bill at the checkout so its a win-win solution.

What is one challenge that you’ve overcome in the startup process?

Similar to most startups getting the funding in place to support the development of the app, website and all the systems and processes that go with that.

Who are your mentors and role models?

Steve Jobs, Richard Branson

Whats one thing the world doesn’t know about you or your startup?

SurveyMe is the fastest, most flexible and most portable way of receiving, recording and rewards point of experience feedback via a FREE mobile survey app for smartphones and tablet devices.

What’s next for your SurveyMe?

We are constantly coming up with ideas for the further development of the app so in the next release we will have the ability to do photo answers, we’re introducing a wallet to store any rewards, near field communication and the app translated into different languages. We are also in discussions with a few large companies that want their own white-label version of our app.


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