Twin Cities Startup: Peerparazzi Tagging Photos At A Whole New Level

Peerparazi,St.Paul startup,Twin Cities startup,startup,startup interviewPhoto apps are now just about a dime a dozen. Many startups think they’re innovating in the photo space, but come to find that another six startups have had the same idea. Tagging photos for social reasons isn’t a new idea. In fact we just reported on Brooklyn startup Kapture that allows you to take pictures, on assignment, tag them and become a “brand ambassador” for rewards.

A new startup in St.Paul Minnesota is looking to maximize tagging in a social photo app. The startup is called Peerparazzi.

Peerparazzi says they provide an exciting new picture taking and social experience. Everything in the photo can be tagged, the people, places and things. Tagging photos within Peerparazzi allows you to automatically send the photos to the people that are in them.

On the business side, businesses can claim themselves in photos so that tags become interactive. A tag for a Wendy’s or McDonald’s could send a user to an interactive promotion. A tag for a shopping mall could send out a daily deal. A tag for a museum could send a user to a website.

Peerparazzi founder Damen Johnson believes that people are more likely to interact with product photos shot by their friends and family rather than just regular advertising.

We got a chance to talk with Johnson about Peerparazzi. Check out the interview below:

What is Peerparazzi?

Peerparazzi is a social network and picture sharing app. We turn getting your picture taken and taking pictures of others into a fun interactive truly social experience. Check-in to a location with peers, take their picture, have yours taken. The pictures are automatically sent to whomever they’ve been taken of. Look through the pics, choose the ones you want, post for others to like and comment on. Tag your photos with info about who your with and what your doing. You get points for participating in all the mentioned activities. Then just watch your social celebrity status grow! Its that simple. With Peerparazzi anyone can create their own celebrity status or at least feel like one by simply having their picture taken.

Thru this process we also create a valuable marketing tool. All pictures taken have the potential to become ads with involvement from businesses. They claim their locations and products so that the tags in the picture become interactive. Others who look at the pictures can interact directly with these tags to find nearby locations, see products or services available or even make a purchase. People are more likely to pay attention to a product or service that peers have actually used then a random add or sponsored post that has no personal connection. Peerparazzi is like Facebook with just the content that you want to see.

Who are the founders and what are their backgrounds?

Damen Johnson Co founder and creative director at grooming house. Self taught graphic designer, style coach and master barber. I like to make things look good to say the least.

Where are you based?

Saint Paul Minnesota.

What is the startup culture like where you are based?

There are a lot of organizations and programs set up to help startup’s. We actually went thru an entrepreneur program thru one called NDC. We also received help from another organization that helps with branding and marketing called U7.

What problem does your startup solve?

With todays smartphones people take a lot of pictures of family, friends, places they go and things they do in an attempt to capture great memories. But there is one problem I’m not in any of the pictures I take. The pictures taken of me I never seem to see or get a copy of. Or even worse someone post it to one of my social networks with out my permission and I look horrible in the picture! We make it easier to get those good pictures and memories.

What is one challenge that you’ve overcome in the startup process?

Im self Taught in graphic design work but im not a tech guy. So I have a couple advisors and connections I’ve been making to help me fin in the blanks.

Whats one thing the world doesn’t know about you or your startup?

It doesn’t know our startup has the potential to successfully bridge the gap between social media users and Businesses in a way that is mutually accepted.

What’s next for Peerparazzi?

We are putting the finishing touches on our concept video and we hope to be pitching to potential investors soon.



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