LockerDome The Hottest Startup In St. Louis

LockerDome, St. Louis startup,startup,startup newsSports social networking startup LockerDome is the hottest consumer facing internet startup in St. Louis and probably the hottest sports startup period. The social network that allows anyone at any age to build a profile at their level, continues to grow at a rate reminiscent of a Silicon Valley startup.

Just two weeks ago we reported that LockerDome, founded by Gabe Lozano, had surpassed 3 million monthly unique visitors. Now they’re reporting that they’ve topped 4 million monthly unique visitors (MUV).

LockerDome continues to grow at a rate of 14% week over week since their launch in January of this year. They passed the 1 million mark in June, two million in early October, three million in late November and now four million.  LockerDome experienced more growth on one single day in December than it did in the first 12 weeks of the year combined (5.6%).  At the pace they’re at they are poised to be a top 10 most visited sports site within the next 12 to 18 months.

Their growth is fueled by the fact that LockerDome allows anyone to jump on the platform wherever they’re at in their sporting life. Founder Gabe Lozano explained to us back when we toured the LockerDome offices earlier this year, that everyone has three basic lives, work life, personal life, and for many, sports life.

Whether you’re the parent of a child playing tee-ball or 5-6 year old basketball, a semi pro baseball player or even a pro athlete you can join LockerDome and become part of your teams network and the network of other teams, including professional teams and players that you’re a fan of.

LockerDome is designed to be the one single sports social networking destination for their user throughout their entire sporting life. If someone starts out as a young tee-ball player and in 15 years becomes a pro baseball player, the network is robust enough to grow throughout that career. If a pee wee football player plays college ball and then becomes a coach, LockerDome can handle that path as well.

Even if after playing in a competitive city league and ending your sporting career, you can continue on with LockerDome as a fan, keeping your entire sporting life history in your profile.

Pro Athletes including Memphis Grizzlies’ Rudy Gay, six time PGA Tour Winner Dustin Johnson and NFL All Pro Larry Fitzgerald are all participants in LockerDome.

“Every professional athlete needs to be on LockerDome. By leveraging LockerDome as the social media hub for my personal brand, I’ve been able to better engage my fans and grow my entire social presence across Facebook, Twitter, and LockerDome,” said Larry Fitzgerald, All-Pro NFL wide receiver with the Arizona Cardinals. “From a content standpoint, I use LockerDome not only to host unique fan giveaways, but also as a daily source to post behind the scenes, interactive content.”

“This is just the tip of the iceberg for LockerDome. As explosive as LockerDome’s growth has been in 2012, we will undoubtedly be even more dominant in 2013,” commented Gabe Lozano, co-founder and CEO of LockerDome. “The overwhelming demand for LockerDome by professional athletes, media partners, brands and the targeted audiences these publishers reach, and the subsequent meteoric growth from that demand, is a clear indication that the LockerDome platform will only continue to strengthen.”


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