SocialNightlife, Customer Management, Engagement & Loyalty For Night Clubs

SocialNightlife,Los Angeles startup, CA startup,startup launchA Los Angeles startup a year in the making has finally launched a product that night club owners and other nightlife venues will get a lot out of. SocialNightlife is a complete platform designed to help nightclubs and other establishments keep track of their VIP’s and loyal customers.

Nightlife professionals will now have the ability to digitally check-in guest-list and VIP customers and track activity by team member, venue, event and client. Venues will also be able to setup custom promotions and reward their loyal guests as a result of the social media features built as a front-end to the professional business tool.

They already have a handful of popular night clubs on board like the famous Marquee nightclub in Las Vegas. Using the SocialNightlife platform VIPs, loyal customers and social media rockstars will be able to get into clubs quicker and their information will be utilized more efficiently providing a service to both the patron and the establishment.

“We’re breaking down physical barriers,” said Artin Nazarian, SocialNightlife’s co-founder and CEO. “Front door staff can finally put a face to the names on their list and send targeted event promotions to fans of a specific DJ or celebrity.”

Patrons have access to key features as well, that were originally released in a public beta at CES 2012 (last year)

·      Location based check ins to gain insight on frequent patrons

·      Ability to offer loyalty rewards like complimentary tickets, drinks and other VIP services

·      Instant reviews of the line queue, music quality, and venue energy level

·      Public photo gallery with advanced photo editing and hash-tagging functionality

·      Branded social media business pages

·      Performance reports for promoters and hosts such as reservations, guest check-in and sales

·      Event promotion and direct marketing tools

·      Gamification through virtual “bottle” badges  

·      Customer analytics and automated guest lists

The company has already partnered with strategic advisors and stakeholders in clubs in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami.

For more info visit SocialNightlife on the web here

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