PhotoRankr Shows Off A Better Stock Photo Model At The Startup Conference

PhotoRankr,Nashville startup,startups, the startup conferenceBy David Morris, University Of Memphis Entrepreneurial Journalism Student

CEO Jacob Sniff is headstrong and passionate about his first entrepreneurial project, PhotoRankr.

PhotoRankr a platform that covers all the needs of today’s photographers and some needs they may not even be aware of yet. The PhotoRankr platform is web-based and lets photographers handle several key tasks, including the sale of their work, social interaction with fellow members , and an internal job market for clients to list jobs for photographer members.

What makes PhotoRankr different from stock photo sites such as and is the photographer keeps 70 percent of their photo sales, and “photo ranker battles,” said Sniff. These battles let photos be placed side by side so site members can easily compare them and select which photo is better. The site generates battles automatically while also allowing users to create their own battles. This information gathered from these battles is of great value to photographers in order to gauge the quality of their work against peers.

“Social media is our current marketing channel,” said Sniff. Current integration with large social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ set the stage for information exchange for PhotoRankr and its photographers. Photographers can seamlessly share their photos to any one of these social media sites.

Currently, PhotoRankr is free for anyone who signs up. At the beginning of March this year, PhotoRankr will roll out an annual, three-tier subscription model. “The base plan will remain free,” said Sniff. The Startup Conference 2013 was a huge success, ticket information for 2014 here.


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