Gives Fans Perks and Prizes From Their Favorite Artists, the startup conference, startupBy: Brittany Tuggle, University Of Memphis Entrepreneurial Journalism Student

The creators of give users rewards for listening and sharing music with their friends.

“The more times a user listens to an artist or shares what they are listening to on Facebook or Twitter, they gain more points. Depending on the artists, users can earn backstage passes, tickets, or other merchandise,” says CEO Mykas Degesys.

In addition to offering fans rewards or discounts, ListenUp provides record companies with real-time data about listeners’ preferences they can use to develop better marketing strategies and build fan loyalty.

“We want to turn users into paying fans, which increases concert and album sales, [creates a] bigger fan base and more exposure,” said Degesys.

Degesys says the concept for ListenUp came out of learning about the music business and the different royalties artists earn from streaming platforms and sites such as iTunes.

“A song will have to be played on a streaming platform 140 times before making the same amount of royalties on iTunes, for any artist,” says Degesys.

ListenUp.FM was in the startup village at 2013, Are you going to be at EE 2014? 

Pink Robin Avenue Brings the Party to And Beyond

Pink Robin Avenue, Memphis startup,startup,startups, the startup conference By: Brittany Tuggle, University Of Memphis Entrepreneurial Journalism Student

Memphis-based startup Pink Robin Avenue offers personalized party events for any occasion. Clients can discuss everything from color schemes to tablecloths with CEO Danielle Inez, and her team takes care of the rest.

“I want my clients to have a great party experience without sacrificing so much of their time,” says Inez.

What makes Pink Robin Avenue different from other event planning companies is the convenience of it all. Inez gets all the details from her clients in one session; when her website launches, clients will be able to easily create customized events quickly that way as well. The company pre-assembles your selected party items and ships them to you.

“If you envision it, you don’t have to create it. We’ll do it for you. Everything is exactly how you want it and it’s as unique as my client,” said Inez.

Pink Robin Avenue designs events nationwide and is currently working on launching their website and expanding their business. Inez is planning on entering the Black Enterprise Magazine pitch contest later this year in hopes of garnering additional funding.

To start planning your own event, visit:<> or<>.

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Plixser Addressing The Pains Between Music Students & Music Teachers

Plixser, Memphis startup, the startup conference, ee2013

Plixser founder Marcus Wiggins pitching in video contest finals at The Startup Conference. (photo: Allie Fox for NMI)

By: Calvin Carter, University Of Memphis Entrepreneurial Journalism Student

Plixser, a music teaching startup, is hoping to expand nationwide from its base in Memphis.

Plixser is a software program that attempts to fix many of the headaches faced by music teachers and students. The program features a live-streaming function for teachers to give lessons to students online, an automated billing system, and the ability to track lesson completion.

Marcus Wiggins, a doctoral student at the University Of Memphis who has been involved in music since the 8th grade, is the founder.

“I know the pains of both the teacher and the student, and Plixser can eliminate those pains,” he said.

By the time you read this, Plixser will have already officially launched. It spent two to three weeks in beta, gaining a positive reaction from ten teachers and students so far, Wiggins said. But Wiggins will continue to spread the word about the music program outside of Memphis, starting with an upcoming event with the Texas Music Educator’s Association. He hopes to garner some interest from the crowd of 25,00 expected to attend.

In it for the long haul, it appears that Wiggins is already enduring the trying moments of being an entrepreneur.

“The sexiness of being an entrepreneur wears off real quick, especially when you get no sleep and are working all the time,” he said.

But Wiggins said he shares one goal of many entrepreneurs trying to solve a problem: going beyond just having a job.  “I want it to be that this is who I am and not what I do,” Wiggins said. “…. I want to fund the life that I live.”

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PhotoRankr Shows Off A Better Stock Photo Model At The Startup Conference

PhotoRankr,Nashville startup,startups, the startup conferenceBy David Morris, University Of Memphis Entrepreneurial Journalism Student

CEO Jacob Sniff is headstrong and passionate about his first entrepreneurial project, PhotoRankr.

PhotoRankr a platform that covers all the needs of today’s photographers and some needs they may not even be aware of yet. The PhotoRankr platform is web-based and lets photographers handle several key tasks, including the sale of their work, social interaction with fellow members , and an internal job market for clients to list jobs for photographer members.

What makes PhotoRankr different from stock photo sites such as and is the photographer keeps 70 percent of their photo sales, and “photo ranker battles,” said Sniff. These battles let photos be placed side by side so site members can easily compare them and select which photo is better. The site generates battles automatically while also allowing users to create their own battles. This information gathered from these battles is of great value to photographers in order to gauge the quality of their work against peers.

“Social media is our current marketing channel,” said Sniff. Current integration with large social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ set the stage for information exchange for PhotoRankr and its photographers. Photographers can seamlessly share their photos to any one of these social media sites.

Currently, PhotoRankr is free for anyone who signs up. At the beginning of March this year, PhotoRankr will roll out an annual, three-tier subscription model. “The base plan will remain free,” said Sniff. The Startup Conference 2013 was a huge success, ticket information for 2014 here.

Glimpulse To Debut Breakthrough In Human Expression And People Search At The Startup Conference

Glimpulse, DC startup,startup,startups, the startup conferenceGlimpulse will debut the latest breakthrough in human expression, on the main stage at The Startup Conference. Glimpulse has been selected as one of only two companies out of  nearly 100 startups in the Startup Village to present to the entire audience during the morning general session.  Glimpulse will make its eagerly-awaited public announcement and demonstrate how this progressive product will literally change how people see each other.

Backed by research  in human expression and social dynamics and using innovative technology, Glimpulse’s highly anticipated products will enhance communication and make human and social interaction richer, faster and more authentic – on and offline. Glimpulse has been developed by a core team of accomplished executives, investors and advisors. These influential leaders include the former COO of AOL, the former President of National Geographic, the current President of Rosetta Stone, the head of Harvard Business School’s Marketing department and Social Enterprise Institute, the former SVP of Ogilvy’s Social Media Practice, the best-selling author of Likeonomics, and many more. Many Glimpulse team members will be in attendance and will be available in the Start-Up Village during the conference.

Paresh Shah, the founder and CEO of Glimpulse, states “My team and I are so excited to debut our company at As the largest start-up conference in the nation, it is the perfect forum for us to launch our product. We have been working on the business for over a year and now are ready to make a positive impact in the worlds of business, technology and human interaction.” Rohit Bhargava, former founding member of the world’s largest team of social media strategists at Ogilvy states, “Glimpulse is one of the first in a new line of expression technology companies that we will see in the coming years.  It imagines a world where your personality is as visible as the shirt you’re wearing … and has the rare potential to reinvent how each of us expresses ourselves to the world.”

One Glimpulse advisor, Kim Partoll, former COO and EVP of Marketing at AOL, follows with “Glimpulse is a new way for people to experience, expand and enrich their social networks in everyday real world interactions.  Glimpulse moves self-expression from the realm of the written word and photos into one of rich imagery and real-time display of individuality.” Kyle Sander, Founder of and the voice of start-ups “everywhere else,” welcomes Glimpulse to the premier line-up of companies attending the conference.  He states, “We are thrilled that the Glimpulse team has accepted our invitation to debut their company at  We believe Glimpulse is a prime example of the next generation of companies that are creating transformative experiences for consumers, brands and businesses.  We know the attendees at our conference will be thrilled to be the first to hear about this new exciting company.”  Paresh Shah will be presenting for Glimpulse at 8:30am on Monday, February 11th.

 For more information about Glimpulse, please contact Ross Dalton at


Glimpulse provides a new human expression platform that can integrate with existing social networks to enable people to get to that ‘third conversation’ in a way that’s fun, rich, and faster than traditional options – both on and off-line.  Combining leading-edge technology with breakthrough cognitive psychology and human behavior research, Glimpulse’s products will increase positive interactions and instantly enhance both personal and business relationships. Stay tuned.

Glimpulse is presenting at the largest startup conference in the U.S. The Startup Conference tickets can be purchased below.


Florida Investors Hosting “Pitch House” Party At The Startup Conference

Honey Tree Holdings, Pitch House, The Startup ConferenceWe’re less than a week away from the opening of The Startup Conference. With over 2000 attendees registered and nearly 100 startups in the Startup Village it’s shaping up to be a huge event. It’s also the largest single venue startup conference in the US.

The conference itself is being held at the Memphis Cook Convention Center from February 10-12th. Sunday kicks off with a Startup Village preview, Grizzlies game and an awesome bar hop on Beale Street, sponsored by Grasshopper, the entrepreneurs phone system.

A group of Florida investors is hosting the “Pitch House” party just off Beale street .

Jeff Brown of Honey Tree Holdings said: “We’re hosting Pitch House to learn about and find some awesome companies and founders that we can add real value to by supporting their ventures,” he said. “…not to mention that hanging out and networking with entrepreneurs is the best.”

Franc Nemanic added: “If you aren’t learning everyday, you’re dying. I am there to learn. Sometimes we get stuck in our ways and in our own backyards and don’t realize there is a much bigger world out there. This is the perfect event to capture a broad view of our brave new world. Of course, I expect to have a lot of fun as well, but don’t tell my wife!”

For details about the Pitch House email Steve Repetti or Jeff Brown at 

To get into the Pitch House you’ll need an The Startup Conference ticket which you can get below.


One Week Away From The Biggest Startup Conference In The U.S. the startup conference, startups, startup conference, startup has taken the world and the country by storm. This three day startup conference, is being held at the Memphis Cook Convention Center next week and has been hailed by Forbes Magazine as a “must attend” startup conference for entrepreneurs.

Next Sunday entrepreneurs from across the country and around the world along with investors, founders, designers and more will converge on Memphis Tennessee at The Startup Conference!

The lineup includes; Scott Case (Founding CTO, Bill Harris (Former CEO of Paypal & Intuit now CEO of Personal Capita), Ingrid Vanderveldt, (Dell’s EIR), Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits (co-authors Lean Entrepreneur), Rohit Bhangharva (author Likeanomics) and many more.

There are nearly 100 startups from across the country and around the world in our Startup Village.

Over 2000 attendees have registered for the conference which dictated a move to the Memphis Cook Convention Center. Thanks to the move we still have a few tickets, and a few startup village booth spaces left.  Not only that but you can join us all Sunday evening as the Memphis Grizzlies take on the Minnesota Timberwolves.

We look forward to seeing you at this epic conference.


Damien Echols To Shed A Different Light On Technology at The Startup Conference

Damien Echols, The Startup Conference, Memphis, West Memphis Three

Damien Echols author of “Life After Death” (photo:

Today the Memphis newspapers picked up on the story that New York Times best selling author, Damien Echols would be speaking at the startup conference. For those of you not familiar, he was one of three teenage boys arrested and eventually convicted of the brutal murder of three 8 year old boys in West Memphis Arkansas in the early 90’s. Echols, along with Jessee Misskelly and Jason Baldwin were eventually coined The West Memphis Three.

Baldwin and Misskelly were sentenced to life in prison while Echols was sentenced to the death penalty. Their case, imprisonment and trial spawned three HBO documentaries called “Paradise Lost” and eventually a more up to date documentary called “West Of Memphis” directed by Hobbit director Peter Jackson.

The attention brought on by the first Paradise movie sparked an interest in the case by several celebrities including Eddie Vedder the frontman for Pearl Jam, Johnny Depp, Dave Navarro of Nirvanna, The Dixie Chicks, Peter Jackson his wife Fran Walsh and many others.

Through fundraising, spreading the word and sparking a movement the West Memphis Three was eventually set free from Prison in 2011 after agreeing to an Alford’s Plea. Several celebrities were on hand, including Vedder who Echols considers a close friend, when they were released.

So why in the world would Echols come to a startup conference?

Echols is now a best selling author, movie producer and even helped out on the set of the current Hobbit movie. That’s not why though. Over the past five or so years there have been some discussions, as well as written pieces, to the effect of what would happen if you were frozen in time or if you had missed the last 20 years of technology. The same period of time that the boys were in prison, and Echols on death row, is often credited as the fastest growing time in technology.

Think about tech in the early 90’s. Beepers were for doctors and drug dealers, and mobile phones were either in bags, mounted to the car or too big for your pocket. Video games were just barely 16bit and some of the entrepreneurs who’ve created some of the biggest startups in the world were barely in pre-school.

Echols spent his entire prison sentence on death row which meant no tv, no day room, and certainly no access to technology. Several reports came out after his release from prison that included his first experience with a touch screen buttonless iPhone. What it was like to receive a first text message and how nobody at restaurants talks to each other any more they all sit and stare at their phones and text.

Googling Echols in recent day will reveal that he’s in no way short of any speaking engagements, in fact in arranging our fireside chat with him and Commercial Appeal writer James Dowd, it was said how interested Echols was in an engagement that talked about technology, culture and the way things have changed in 20 years.

Now nearly two years after his release Echols has traveled the world, even to New Zealand and around the country talking to people about his book and his life. He is a regular on Twitter and can provide a look at technology that some of us take for granted. This is the first time Echols has made an appearance like this in Memphis since his release.

See this unique Fireside chat at The Startup Conference

Lean Entrepreneur Authors Brant Cooper & Patrick Vlaskovits Join The Startup Conference

Lean Entrepreneur, Brant Cooper, Patrick Vlaskovits, The Startup ConferenceBut wait there’s more…

Earlier this morning we announced some very exciting news that Dell and their Entrepreneur In Residence, Ingrid Vandervelt, have joined The Startup Conference. Dell will be offering office hour consultations, startup and entrepreneurship advice and more both onstage and in the Dell Lounge at the conference.

Now we’re pleased to announce that Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits the authors of The Lean Entrepreneur will not only be speaking at the conference but they’ll be offering their Lean Entrepreneur’s workshop.

Learn from Cooper and Vlaskovits’ best practices that they report on in their book, live in person. The two hour workshop will be held on site mid day Tuesday afternoon and is free to attendees on a first come first serve basis. Cooper and Vlaskovits will be giving away copies of their bible, we mean book, during the workshop.

Attendees who come to the workshop will come away with valuable lessons in tackling market uncertainty, and discovering where you sit in the innovation spectrum. They’ll also walk away with understanding value stream and what waste looks like in a lean startup, as well as the anti-segment the people you don’t need to be listening to.

Also on Tuesday Cooprt and Vlaskovits will speak to the entire group giving an abbreviated lesson in all things Lean Entrepreneur. In addition to The Lean Entrepreneur Cooper and Vlaskovits also co-authored The Entrepreneurs Guide to Customer Development.

A limited number of tickets and 2 startup booths are still available for for more info on the conference visit this link, for tickets use the tool below.



Dell And Their Entrepreneur In Residence Ingrid Vanderveldt Join The Startup Conference

Austin is no stranger to startups and innovation. Neither is Dell. While some may consider Dell just a hardware company, in the 1990’s they broke record after record with their trusted, reliable mail order computer business.

One thing that makes Dell a unique company is that the company, along with their CEO Michael Dell isn’t afraid of iteration, trying new things and moving on. That’s one thing that has made Dell successful time and time again.

Dell has an entire team dedicated to entrepreneurship, startups and innovation. The team is led, in part by Ingrid Vanderveldt the company’s entrepreneur in residence. Vandervelt is a respected serial entrepreneur, who lives by a mantra she calls the “triple bottom line of people, planet and profits”.

Vanderveldt is working on a new venture while simultaneously serving as Dell’s Entrepreneur in Residence. She is also keeping up with her current companies Green Girl Energy and the GLASS Forum (Global Leadership & Sustainable Success).

Ingrid Vandervelt, Dell, Austin, startup, the startup conference


Back in June Vanderveldt came up with the idea for the Dell $100 million dollar Innovator’s Financing Fund. Vandervelt and the EIR board at Dell oversee the disbursement of the fund that’s helping startups in a variety of spaces.  The fund’s first startup was Current Motor, a Michigan startup that is developing electric powered scooters.

Current Motors is using the financing from Dell along with Dell’s mentorship and other resources to create an e-commerce platform for their scooter business that can operate entirely on a mobile device the way shared biking apps and apps like ZipCar work today.

Dell will be on site throughout the entire conference. Representatives from their innovation team will be around to talk to entrepreneurs, founders and even investors about innovation and starting up. Members of their team will also hold office hours in the Dell Lounge which will be adjacent to the Startup Village. In the Dell lounge  attendees will be able to hear more about Dell and their commitment to entrepreneurship, relax and get some work done.

Tuesday February 12th will open with a keynote from Vanderveldt, a highly sought after speaker in the startup and entrepreneurial world. She will talk about Dell’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, her own journey in entrepreneurship which started in the 90’s and about being a woman entrepreneur. Her discussion will lead into, what’s looking to be one of our most popular panels, Kick Ass Female Founders from Everywhere Else.

Need a ticket or a startup village booth for the conference use the tool below. For more info on the conference click here


Bonfyre: The Official App For The Startup Conference

Bonfyre, St. Louis startup, the startup conference, appWith the startup conference a little over a week away we want to make sure that everyone knows what app to use to keep up with all the action at the biggest startup conference in the U.S., whether you’re at home or at the event.

Bonfyre is the official app for the startup conference. Download the app today from the iTunes app store then join the Bonfyre for You’ll be able to keep up with the schedule, panels, speakers, startup village and everything happening in Grind City February 10th-12th.

Bonfyre debuted their most recent version of their app at DEMO in Silicon Valley last fall. They also partnered with the Powder Keg conference in Indianapolis.

Just as they did with PowderKeg, Bonfyre will allow entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors, panelists, and startup support to keep up with all the conference go-ers in the event’s own channel.

Nibletz has been reporting on Bonfyre since last year. They’ve raised $750,000 dollars so far led by the St. Louis Arch Angels and Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square, who sits on Bonfyre’s board. To date, the St. Louis startup has partnered with the NFL’s St. Louis Rams for three games.

Not only that but one lucky person that downloads and registers for Bonfyre for the conference will walk away from Memphis with a brand new iPad Mini (16gb wifi only). It’s that easy.

Check out Bonfyre for The Startup Conference here

If you don’t have your tickets for The Startup Conference we don’t know what you’re waiting for, luckily it’s not too late.


YOLO: You Only Launch Once With Speek Co-Founder Danny Boice At The Startup Conference

Danny Boice, Speek, DC startup,startups, the startup conferenceTo launch or not to launch, that’s a tough question facing startup founders everywhere. Some startup founders prescribe to the lean methodology, push out a minimum viable product and iterate until it’s right. Others prefer to take all the time they need and handle iteration internally until they have the product they feel is ready for consumers.  No matter what method you choose you only launch once.

That’s the basis for the talk that Danny Boice, co-founder of Washington DC startup Speek, will speak about on Monday February 11th at The Startup Conference.

Boice is the CTO at Speek, which is the easiest conference calling platform we’ve ever used here at nibletz (and we’ve tried many). There are no bridges to remember, no needing to have your cell phone and a pad and paper to write down a long pin number, and no frantically dialing back when you get cut off.

To execute a call using Speek’s platform you just sign up for an account and click the link.

Speek is an easy product to use with a nice and easy to understand UI. They also have a cute mascott to boot.

As for Boice he founded a startup called Jaxara that was acquired in 2006. He attended Harvard, and he’s a former exec at The College Board.  Speek’s other co-founder is John Bracken who originally founded E-vite.

Speek is an incredibly competitive space, even as such, they are constantly creating buzz, interacting with people and speaking about Speek. There almost grass roots marketing strategy is both effective and deliberate.  If you’re even the least bit over 20 than you probably remember in great detail how e-vite was the platform for events, before eventbrite and before Facebook events.

Boice has a great background and a great story. He’s also one of many successful startup founders that’s a true believer in the “everywhere else” concept, and the purpose of the conference.

Get your ticket to the startup conference below. There are still a couple of exhibiting startup village booths as well.


Two Weeks Left Until The Startup Conference, Biggest Startup Conference In The US The Startup Conference, startups, startup news, memphis startupsWe are officially at the two week mark for The Startup Conference. The event is taking place from February 10th – 12th in beautiful downtown Memphis, a cultural hub for music, and entrepreneurship. The conference itself will be held at the Memphis Cook Convention Center.  We’ve sold over 1500 tickets and have over 100 startups in our Startup Village. has even been named as a “must attend” conference for startups and entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine.


We still have attendee tickets on sale through next week. The attendee ticket will get you into all of the panels, keynotes and official conference events. You’re also invited to peruse the Startup Village during Sunday’s Startup Village preview. Sunday night we’ll take in the Memphis Grizzlies at the Grind House as they take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. After that we’ll all take part in the Grasshopper, The Entrepreneur’s Phone System, Bar Crawl on Beale Street.

Monday features great speakers like Scott Case, Bill Harris, Rohit Bhargava, and panels like “Kick Ass Female Founders From Everywhere Else”, How to Raise Money Everywhere Else, and many more.  We also have two exciting startups coming out of stealth mode and launching on stage. (want to launch your startup on stage email

Tuesday the fun, learning and networking continue. We’ve got great keynotes and panels queued up like Mike Bott the former brand manager for Olay at P&G and current GM of the Brandery on “Branding for startups“.  Best selling author of Likeanomics, Rohit Bhangarva is speaking and much more


We have over 100 startups in the Startup Village, a representation of startups from across the country and around the world. You’ll see startups just post idea stage, all the way up to series A. They’re also competing in the Best Of Everywhere Else startup contest, an audience participation contest and a speed pitch contest.

A handful of startups upgraded their booth space so we have 3 startup village booths open. You can register your startup below.


We have hundreds of accredited angel investors and vc’s from some of the top firms in the country who have already purchased tickets. If you are an investor The Startup Conference offers unparalleled access to not only the startups in our startup village but hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs and founders attending the conference. Forget flying all over the country and around the world. Founders forget having to panhandle on a street corner to raise that money for a one way airline ticket. Investors and Startups from everywhereelse are coming together at The Startup Conference.


If you’ve been thinking about an accelerator for your startup this is the conference for you. We have several accelerators from across the country who will be on hand to talk to startups and their founders on whether their accelerator is right for them. Pat Riley from the Global Accelerator Network and his team will be on the ground helping with two great acceleration panels.

In one panel “What I learned From An Accelerator” we’ll hear from startups who’ve completed 500 startups, YCombinator, Techstars, The Brandery, Seed Hatchery, Jumpstart Foundry and more.

In another panel “Accelerator Heads” we’ll hear from the Managing Directors of some of the best startup accelerators out there from Eric Mathews at Seed Hatchery to Mike Bott GM at the Brandery. Marcus Whitney from Jumpstart Foundry will join us as well as Guy Madison from Oklahoma City’s Blue Print For Business.

Finally, you’ll be able to get a consult with someone from any of these accelerators and more, to find out where your startup fits in the accelerator matrix.

A different kind of conference is a different kind of conference. First off we wanted to make the conference attainable to even the most bootstrapped founders and entrepreneurs. That’s why both the ticket price and the startup exhibitor (Startup Village) price were so low. This way we can offer unparalleled access to content, learning, speakers and networking all in under one roof.

Next, many will be surprised at some of the successful founders who are attending the conference. Many have reached out by email or at other events. While they may not need all that this conference has to offer they want to give back to the startup ecosystem. Keep your eyes open and talk to everyone.

Memphis is a city about grinding. It’s a blue collar city with hardworking folks and a history rich in entrepreneurism going back to the 1800s. FedEx, Holiday Inn and Autozone are just a few nationally known brands that started in Memphis.

Finally The Startup Conference is the brainchild of a bootstrapped startup, Nibletz, the voice of startups everywhere else. This conference is about founders, startups, and entrepreneurs from across the country and around the globe “everywhere else”. The conference may not look like the million dollar production that some of the conferences out there that charge startups $899 just to attend look like, but the content, networking, and camaraderie will be second to none.

We have a few last minute areas for sponsors to touch over 1000 startup founders, entrepreneurs, startups and investors from across the country. For quick information on sponsoring email

Attendee tickets go up to $99 on Wednesday. Startup Village booths go up to $699 on Wednesday. Outgrows Original Venue Moves To Memphis Cook Convention Center The Startup Conference has continued to grow, now to the point where the conference has moved from the original venue, The Peabody Hotel to the Memphis Cook Convention Center. That means that over 1000 entrepreneurs, founders, investors and startup supporters will have a lot more space to mingle, take in exciting startups and plot the takeover of the world. is the first conference of it’s kind, bringing together startups from across the country (and around the world) all under one roof providing investors, fellow startups and great startup resources like the Global Accelerator Network, the ability to reach more entrepreneurs and more startups than any other event.

The three day conference is being held in Downtown Memphis Tennessee with tickets sold as far away as Portland, Miami, San Francisco, Detroit, Toronto and even Israel. Attendees will take in the rich historical, musical and entrepreneurial history that has grown in Memphis Tennessee. Some of the biggest brands in the world like FedEx, Holiday Inn, Autozone, and even Mrs. Fields Cookies have roots that trace back to Memphis. The Startup Conference, startups,startup event, MemphisThe conference has three main focal points that will speak to startup issues that entrepreneurs across the country experience; access to capital, access to talent and acceleration.

Speakers including: Scott Case, Rohit Bhangarva, Bill Harris, Tracy Myers and more will speak in keynotes, roundtables and fireside chats. FedEx will tell the story of how one man, Fred Smith, had an entrepreneurial vision in the 1970’s that on paper looked crazy. How he leveraged everything he had while bootstrapping and became the largest logistics company in the world.

Because of the overwhelming response we’ve had to move the event a few blocks down the road to the Convention Center. At the new venue there will be a lot more room, and we have decided to extend ticket sales a few extra days.

Over 100 startups are exhibiting in our Startup Village exhibition hall and we have a couple spaces left but they are running out quick. Check out the ticket form below.

For Startup Village startups and questions about hotel.

Feel free to continue to enjoy the charm and southern hospitality of the Peabody. There will be bus service in the mornings to the convention center and in the evenings back to the Peabody free of charge. There’s also the downtown Memphis trolley that picks up one block up from the Peabody and lets off at the doorstep to the convention center.

The Downtown Marriott connects to the Convention Center and has offered guests a room rate of $109 per night for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Rooms can be booked by calling (901)527-7300 or call the toll free reservation line at (888)557-8740. You must tell the reservation agent you’re with The Startup Conference.

We found out in speaking with the Marriott that our dates are a little heavy and we’re assuming that’s because some of our attendees have already booked at the Marriott because of points. If your rate was more than the $109 special rate the Marriott is giving the conference you can call the Marriott and they will rebook you under the new rate.

The official conference hours are:


7:30am-10:00am Startup Village Load In
10:00am-4:00pm Startup Village Preview and Registration

Monday & Tuesday:


We look forward to seeing you in Memphis for The Startup Conference:

 Deadline to book rooms at the Marriott is February 1, 2013