Rohit Bhargava Best Selling Author Of Likeonomics Announced For The Startup Conference

Rohit Bhargava best selling author of Likeonomics On The Startup America Stage at CES 2013 (photo: Nibletz Media Inc)

The news about The Startup Conference continues to pour out. Today we’re pleased to announce that startup aficionado and best selling author of Likeonomics, Rohit Bhargava will be speaking and appearing at the conference. has quickly grown to be the largest startup conference in the country. With over 2000 attendee tickets sold (only 15% in Tennessee), and over 100 startups in the Startup Village, this conference offers unparalleled access to speakers, investors, curriculum, networking and startup pitch contests.

Bhargava is a widely sought after speaker and his talks about his best selling book Likeonomics, are loved by startup founders and entrepreneurs. We’ve seen Bhargava speak at both at TechCocktail event in Washington DC and a panel on startup authors on the Startup America stage at Eureka Park, CES 2013.

Likeonomics is vital to young companies and startups. The book covers why some people and companies are more believable than others and why like ability is the real secret to being more trusted.

Bhargava is a marketing pro. He was a lead social strategist at top PR firm Ogilvy where he helped found the world’s largest team of social media strategists. He teaches global marketing at Georgetown University and even serves as an advisor to several startups including Glimpulse, a startup that will be launching at

Bhargava has appeared in the New York Times, NPR, The Guardian, Fox News, CNBC and many other media outlets. He’s spoken to crowds big and small including multiple TEDx events.

There are still some attendee tickets left for The Startup Conference there are also 5 startup village booths remaining below.




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