Glimpulse To Debut Breakthrough In Human Expression And People Search At The Startup Conference

Glimpulse, DC startup,startup,startups, the startup conferenceGlimpulse will debut the latest breakthrough in human expression, on the main stage at The Startup Conference. Glimpulse has been selected as one of only two companies out of  nearly 100 startups in the Startup Village to present to the entire audience during the morning general session.  Glimpulse will make its eagerly-awaited public announcement and demonstrate how this progressive product will literally change how people see each other.

Backed by research  in human expression and social dynamics and using innovative technology, Glimpulse’s highly anticipated products will enhance communication and make human and social interaction richer, faster and more authentic – on and offline. Glimpulse has been developed by a core team of accomplished executives, investors and advisors. These influential leaders include the former COO of AOL, the former President of National Geographic, the current President of Rosetta Stone, the head of Harvard Business School’s Marketing department and Social Enterprise Institute, the former SVP of Ogilvy’s Social Media Practice, the best-selling author of Likeonomics, and many more. Many Glimpulse team members will be in attendance and will be available in the Start-Up Village during the conference.

Paresh Shah, the founder and CEO of Glimpulse, states “My team and I are so excited to debut our company at As the largest start-up conference in the nation, it is the perfect forum for us to launch our product. We have been working on the business for over a year and now are ready to make a positive impact in the worlds of business, technology and human interaction.” Rohit Bhargava, former founding member of the world’s largest team of social media strategists at Ogilvy states, “Glimpulse is one of the first in a new line of expression technology companies that we will see in the coming years.  It imagines a world where your personality is as visible as the shirt you’re wearing … and has the rare potential to reinvent how each of us expresses ourselves to the world.”

One Glimpulse advisor, Kim Partoll, former COO and EVP of Marketing at AOL, follows with “Glimpulse is a new way for people to experience, expand and enrich their social networks in everyday real world interactions.  Glimpulse moves self-expression from the realm of the written word and photos into one of rich imagery and real-time display of individuality.” Kyle Sander, Founder of and the voice of start-ups “everywhere else,” welcomes Glimpulse to the premier line-up of companies attending the conference.  He states, “We are thrilled that the Glimpulse team has accepted our invitation to debut their company at  We believe Glimpulse is a prime example of the next generation of companies that are creating transformative experiences for consumers, brands and businesses.  We know the attendees at our conference will be thrilled to be the first to hear about this new exciting company.”  Paresh Shah will be presenting for Glimpulse at 8:30am on Monday, February 11th.

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Glimpulse provides a new human expression platform that can integrate with existing social networks to enable people to get to that ‘third conversation’ in a way that’s fun, rich, and faster than traditional options – both on and off-line.  Combining leading-edge technology with breakthrough cognitive psychology and human behavior research, Glimpulse’s products will increase positive interactions and instantly enhance both personal and business relationships. Stay tuned.

Glimpulse is presenting at the largest startup conference in the U.S. The Startup Conference tickets can be purchased below.



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