Impulcity Flips The Switch Just Ahead Of Everywhereelse Conference


Impulcity, a Kentucky startup that relocated to Cincinnati for The Brandery last summer, has just launched to the public.

We’ve been tracking Impulcity since last June when co-founders, Hunter Hammonds and Austin Cameron were still working out the details of the concept. Over the course of The Brandery accelerator, and since their graduation last October, Hammonds and Cameron have iterated and iterated again to make sure they offer the best possible hybrid event discovery experience.

Sure their are event discovery startups popping up everywhere but Impulcity has paid close attention to all the details. The app provides a robust back end and access to events across the country, covered up with an eye popping UI that’s extremely easy to navigate.

Impulcity signed up to present at The Startup Conference early on and showed up alongside other Brandery graduates Crowd Hall, Brandery GM Mike Bott, and the companies former hustler, now Nibletz CEO and co-founder Nick Tippmann.

Just days before the conference Hammonds reached out to us to tell us that we would get a special treat as the app finally met his strict guidelines and was released in the iTunes App Store.

Over 2,000 people were on Impulcity’s email list and at launch Hammonds to the that they were seeing a new user every minute.

Cameron and Hammonds had to leave the conference early to insure their launch went smoothly back from their headquarters currently located at The Brandery. The startup has raised $400,000 to date and is looking to relocate into their own 1500 square foot space the KyPost reported.


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