Cincinnati Startup Nugg-it Raises $250,000 For Audio Nuggets

nugg-it,Cincinnati startup,startup,startupsA Cincinnati startup called Nugg-it has created a new wearable technology that insures you won’t miss those spoken nuggets of wisdom you or your friends may utter at any moment.

The device, called the Nugg-it is designed to record audio continuously from a wearable device on  your wrist. When someone says something note worth you just click a button and it’s automatically saved. These “nuggets” will be uploaded to socia media and preserved to compliment the current methods of social media and make your social media life more immersive.

“When you look at the whole social media landscape and what people are doing, pictures and video are extremely well covered in terms of people creating their own personal content. Audio we see as not well covered, and we felt (nugg-it) had a very good feel for the moments that people want to capture through audio and an intriguing way to do it,” said Douglas Groh, CincyTech’s entrepreneur-in-residence told

Nugg-it raised $100,000 from Cincy Tech and another $150,000 from Design 2 Matter (D2M), the Silicon Valley based company that has developed the product. Nugg-it is hoping to close a $600,000 round in all and it looks like they shouldn’t have any trouble.

Mike Sarow, a former brand manager for Proctor & Gamble and Matthew Dooley, the founder of Dooley Media are the co-founders of Nugg-it.

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