Michael Dixon Is Turning Trash Into Records, Interview At OneSpark [video]

lathecuts,Michael Dixon,piaptk,startup,onespark,vinyl recordWe saw plenty of types of upcycling this week in Jacksonville Florida at OneSpark. Earlier this week we brought you an interview with Burro Bags on their new Impakt line which is taking used promotional banners and turning them into shopping bags, handbags, totebags, laptop bags and other gear.  We also saw a pretty cool startup turning used electronic equipment into energy (interview coming).

What Dixon is doing is something that any vinyl music fan, and musician will think is amazing. Dixon can take just about anything flat , plastic, plexiglass or vinyl and turn it into a record that actually plays music.

Dixon is the founder of a record label called, People In A Position To Know, or PIAPTK for short. They are a mico indie record label, and of course they press the music onto limited edition vinyl and handmade artifacts. He also has another site lathecuts.com for his record cutting business.

recordsDuring OneSpark Dixon used his space in the Jacksonville Landing to press records for any musician, poet or rapper. During the festival he was using remnants from a local plastics manufacturer cut into 5″ squares. The records remain square but of course the grooves are round.

By night Dixon was downtown in the OneSpark Entertainment District at Underbelly. During the evenings performances he tapped into the soundboard and created records on the spot for artists playing on the clubs stage.

Dixon is passionate about cutting records and loves trying to cut them on just about anything. In the video below he admits to making a record out of chocolate.

Check out this unique way of recording music in the video and for more visit lathecuts.com

See more startup stories from this amazing crowdfunding festival and startup event here at nibletz.com


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