Norwegian Startup OogaBaby Is Instagram For Babies

Oogababy,Norwegian startup,startup interview,TechCrunch DisruptI’m going to date myself here and say when I first heard the name of this Norwegian startup I thought about the fat baby dancing on Ally McBeal. I’m sure some of you are thinking, who the heck is Ally McBeal.

After getting over the uber cool name (and you know we love great named startups here at nibletz) we got to talking with the startups co-founder Gunnar Wold, about just what an OogaBaby is.

In the simplest explanation, OogaBaby is Instagram for babies. Using the OogaBaby app, gushing parents everywhere can upload baby photos to their hearts content. They can also track their baby’s height, weight and even the circumference of their heads. Parents can add milestones and special moments as well in this social network for babies and their parents.

Now as a parent myself I totally understand and get it, I just wish I had it five years ago.  Speaking of which Wold says you can track your kid as long as you want but it’s primarily designed for baby’s up to age five.

Oogababy is great for parents and their friends with kids, but it’s also great for friends without kids. Why? Because with OogaBaby parents can stop flooding their Facebook walls with pictures of their babies.

Wold created OogaBaby after he became a father and realized there was really nothing like it on the market.

Check  out our interview with Wold below and for more info visit

This Athens Georgia startup began with a bee’s dance.



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