Say Your Message In The Sand With SandSign [interview]

SandSign,Startup,TechCrunch Disrupt,startup interviewWell we’ve never seen this idea before. While we were at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013 we met Anton Velikanov the CEO and co-founder of SandSign. This unique startup allows users to deliver a customized message in the sand.

In it’s simplest form, SandSign has a network of photographers across the globe. These photographers live in beach areas and are contracted through the website at

A user goes to and can order a “sand sign” to say whatever they would like. Once the user pays for the order, the photographer is contracted to draw the message in the sand and then they take a photo of the name or message in the sand. They also offer candle signs, where messages are made from candles and signs with video. ┬áThe company can also have your message designed in a field and than shot from an airplane or helicopter.

So you see what I mean, I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It makes a lot of sense and messages can cost anywhere from $20-$150 and it’s a unique message, but is it something that can build scale?

Check out the video below and for more information visit

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