Norfolk Startup “The Pitch” Can Help You Vet Your Pitch

Thepitch,,Zack Miller, Startup,Startup pitchDo you have an idea for a startup? Are you not sure if it’s viable or if you should pursue it?

If you have a full weekend, one of the best places to vet a startup idea is at a Startup Weekend or 48 Hour Launch style event. However not every idea at Startup Weekend gets built. Also, with over 500 events a year there is still an off chance that you can’t get out to a startup weekend.

What if there was a place to vet your startup pitch online. Well now, thanks to Zack Miller, Norfolk startup community leader and the founder of the Hatch accelerator in Norfolk, you can do that. is a new site that for just $10 you can test the waters of your startup idea with a panel of industry experts. (*disclaimer I am a “judge” on Your startup idea can be heard by people who listen to pitches for a living and have had success in the startup world and as entrepreneurs.

According to the Small Business Administration 95% of businesses fail within their first five years, primarily because business ideas have not been validated or socialized through the proper channels.  Additionally, entrepreneurs invest valuable time and resources into their business ideas despite the huge risk that is at stake.  The Pitch allows users to validate and socialize their business idea before investing time and resources.

The Pitch offers critical feedback to an entrepreneur’s business idea without the need to invest resources first.  Pitches are validated by experts and voted by peers.  Although The Pitch can’t guarantee the success of your business idea, it can help better predict the level of interest and the amount of traction behind your idea.

“The Pitch proved to be extremely valuable when it came to our Start Norfolk 3 win,” said Nate Fender, co-founder of HiQualia, an early stage startup that enables video content producers to protect their videos from unauthorized online redistribution. “I was able to receive instant feedback on our go-to-market strategy and in turn strengthen our Start Norfolk 3 presentation.”

Got an idea? Go test out at

Check out this pitch video from “eatwith” at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013


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