Inside The Mind Of A Startup Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Top Management Degrees, a blog that serves as a guide to management degree programs, has compiled some good data that promises to take a look “inside the mind of a startup entrepreneur.”

The infographic below highlights some of the things that help a startup entrepreneur go from idea to an actual startup.  The infographic starts out by suggesting that there are two types of leaders: transactional and transformational. The transactional leader is destined to be the CEO of a well-established company, often traveling up the ladder of success. The transformational leader, on the other hand, is the one who’s cut out to “shift the paradigm”.

They’ve also assembled a wide range of quotes to support their theory about startup founders, entrepreneurs, and eventually leaders.

Does this infographic describe you? Check it out below:


Inside the mind of a startup entrepreneur, startup infographic, startup tips


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