Finally, A Sunglasses Of The Month Club!

Sometimes a startup comes along that really makes you happy in your off-the-computer life, aka, real world. I wear sunglasses, a lot, and I travel a lot too. I lose them, I break them, I forget them…

This startup is for anyone that wears sunglasses or has ever lost or broken a pair of their favorite shades. If you’re tired of your sunnies going out of style and you like surprises, then this Sunglasses of the Month Club, Freshades, is the membership for you.

This fresh subscription service sends members a new pair of sunglasses every month, to keep, for $9.  They also allow active members to unlock FREE shades simply by having a friend sign up and drop their name- a pretty cool way to say thanks to supporters and advocates.

I really love Freshades because I’m guilty of breaking and losing sunglasses. My favorite type of swag from startups is sunglasses for that reason. There’s something really awesome about paying $9/mo and getting a new pair of shades to rock out every month.

You currently don’t get to pick what sunglasses you receive so this club is for those of us who truly like to be surprised and enjoy testing out different styles and trends.  The styles you can choose from when signing up are Men, Women, and Uni which all come in unique colors and styles.

This young lifestyle company will continue to grow as long as there are people, like me, who constantly go through sunglasses or love to accessorize with the latest in eye-wear fashion!

This article is a sponsored post for Freshades. Everything you read is my own opinion - I only take on sponsored posts from companies that I think are awesome. If you're interested in a sponsored post on Nibletz or other industry-specific sites, contact Markerly.


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