IPO Watchlist Features 11 Startups Outside Silicon Valley

NYSE is a great place to IPO
Mattermark is bringing big data to venture capital, and their free daily newsletter is one of our favorite resources.

Last week, one of the daily newsletters included a list of 25 companies the Mattermark team thinks could file an S-1 or raise a final bridge round in 2014. There were some predictable names on the list, like Box, Uber, and Pinterest.

But, there were also lots of companies from outside of Silicon Valley. Eleven, to be exact. (Okay, 10 1/2. MongoDB has headquarters in both New York and Palo Alto.) So, in a list of 25, almost half the companies expected to IPO come from somewhere other than Silicon Valley.

New York has 4 startups on the list, making it the city outside the Valley with the most expected IPOs. International companies also had a strong showing, with startups based in New Delhi, Paris, and Beijing.

It’s true that no one area has the same concentration of tech startups as Silicon Valley, but the Mattermark list proves it’s probably time to stop saying you CAN’T build a tech company everywhere else.

Here are the startups from everywhere else that made Mattermark’s watch list:

  1. MongoDB (New York/Palo Alto)–MongoDB provides database technology to help companies take advantage of big data, cloud, mobile, and social trends. 
  2. Fancy (New York)–Fancy is a crowd-curated catalog that keeps up with new trends in merchandise, travel, and goods. You can buy right from the platform, putting it one step ahead of Pinterest. 
  3. Snapdeal (New Delhi)–Snapdeal is the largest online marketplace in India. They boast products in categories from fashion to computers to toys.
  4. Xiaomi Tech (Beijing)–Xiaomi Tech is only 3 years old, but their smartphone outsold the Galaxy S4 in the first half of this year. They also offer internet services like MiCloud, Xiaomi App Market, and Xiaomi Games.
  5. Outbrain (New York)–You know the “from around the web” box you see on some big publishers’ sites? That service is provided by Outbrain, a startup that helps content get discovered.
  6. Fotolia (New York)–Fotolia is a stock photography company that offers royalty-free images for creatives and designers.
  7. Wayfair (Boston)–Wayfair is a popular shopping site that offers all kinds of goods from your home.
  8. AirWatch (Atlanta)–AirWatch saw the mobile revolution coming, and they now provide solutions for the mobile workforce.
  9. JustFab (Los Angeles)–JustFab is the celebrity-backed startup that allows you access to shoes and accessories picked especially for you by professional stylists.
  10. Deezer (Paris)–Deezer is a European music streaming and discovery service.
  11. MuleSoft (London, Buenos Aires, Sydney)–MuleSoft connects SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud. (One of their customers, Box, is also expected to IPO in 2014.)

We’ll be keeping an eye on these companies in the coming year, and we’ll let you know when the S-1’s get filed.


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