Aron Schoenfeld to Join KAYWEB Angels as Entrepreneur-in-Residence



New York-based angel group KAYWEB Angels announced today that it is naming Aron Schoenfeld as an entrepreneur-in-residence for the group.  Schoenfeld’s company Do It In Person is a KAYWEB portfolio company that is building a web application for event ticketing. (You can check it out here, and while you’re at it, sign up for #EETN!)

“Aron has been an exemplary CEO of one of our marquee portfolio companies, and we felt bringing him on in the role of Entrepreneur-in-Residence will allow our board, the current portfolio companies, and future portfolio companies to benefit from his expertise and feed off his considerable energy,” said KAYWEB Angels’ CEO Haig Kayserian.

The EIR role means that Schoenfeld will work with Kayserian and KAYWEB General Manager John Buckman, meeting with the board and portfolio companies regularly and representing the group at events around the US.

The KAYWEB Angels already have a strong web and mobile design and development staff, and Schoenfeld’s expertise in building a web company will add to those strengths.

“Since before KAYWEB Angels invested in Do It In Person, I believed in the vision of an investment company offering much-needed development resources to startups, in exchange for equity,” commented Schoenfeld. “I have had a very productive working relationship with KAYWEB Angels, and was honored and delighted to accept a formal role within the organization alongside my full-time duties as CEO of Do It In Person.”



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