How Tech Startups Are Like Major League Baseball [Infographic]

Chances are good that you won’t ever win the World Series.

But, our friends at Your Green Pal realized that developing a tech startup from idea to IPO is a lot like training for the World Series.

First, you have an idea. Or, in baseball terminology, you start t-ball. At the beginning it’s all new and exciting, and you have lots of time to learn and figure things out.

As you grow, you progress things get more intense and difficult, but also more rewarding. High school and college baseball look almost nothing like t-ball. By the time you get to the beta stage of your startup, it’s probably looking very different from the initial idea. But you should also be better.

After beta, you can move on to market fit, and it’s time for the growth. First the farm leagues, then the majors, and finally, the World Series. An IPO may or may not have all the fanfare of the World Series, but for the entrepreneur reaching that goal, it sure feels the same.

Check out the infographic below to see how much your startup journey is like winning the World Series.


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