Payment Technologies, Huge Disruption Coming


The new payment technologies will create new winners and losers in the giant credit card industry as Silicon Valley moves into the space. The new technology payment companies straddle the off-line and online worlds. The legacy companies are not gone yet but like the dinosaurs, they will become extinct sooner rather later: Apple’s developer conference starts this week and they really need to pull a rabbit or two out of the hat. What do they need to do?: Attorney. General slams Australia as the worst offender in the world when it comes to piracy: Ballmer buyers Clippers, let’s hope he does better with them than he did with Microsoft: Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg are to be applauded for their support of Bay area public schools: Uber eyeing driverless cars and Instagram continues to be the rising star. We also provide some tips on how to be a great public speaker, words and phrases to use and those never to use. We also have our extremely popular email segment and an excellent interview with customer Service guru John Tschohl.


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