Connecting With Customers: Engaging Your Content Readers With Consumer Loyalty


When your business is a blog or on an online publication, you may often find it difficult to execute some of the more common elements of economics in your operations. You may be great at content writing and promoting your content, but you may not really know how to best engage your readers for a better impact on business. Aside from starting to see your readers or followers as your customers, there are ways that you can work to engage them more, and improve your operations overall. So let’s take a look at how you can connect with your customers, encourage consumer loyalty, and boost your business.

Ask What They Want

Before you start anything, you’re going to need to conduct some research. It’s one thing to assume what your customers will want, but it’s better to just ask them. Yes, you can use your analytics to find out what they’re reading the most, and what kind of content they like, but you will also gain great insights if you just speak to your customers. Whether you do this on social media, or via a questionnaire, finding out what content they want will definitely improve your engagement levels – especially when you go on to produce their asked for posts.

Provide Freebies

Another thing you can do is offer freebies. There’s a lot of research out there that supports the provision of free content to your readers, and it speaks for itself. But free stuff is also a great reward for your loyal readers. Whether it’s an ebook, or even a gift, you should find that if you’re able to offer an added bonus, your customer loyalty and engagement will increase.

Ask For Referrals

Ever been asked to recommend a friend? Whether it’s to a restaurant or an online store, referral programs are often a great way to get new business. When you offer a reward to your readers to refer their friends, not only are you keeping your customers sweet and ensuring that they stay loyal, but you’ll also access a new range of customers. And because they’ve been referred by one of your existing users, it’s highly likely that they’ll be an engaged audience too.

Offer A Trial Of New Products

Next, you could think about offering your existing customers a trial. There are so many options for building customer loyalty like these,, and free trials are just one of them. Some people offer to new customers, but you will often engage your readers more by offering to existing customers. With free perks, they’re more likely to stay loyal.

Give Them Discounts

And finally, you should definitely think about giving them discounts on any purchasable products that you have. Because everyone loves a discount. When you launch a new product, why not send out discount codes to your existing readers. They will feel special for the time and attention you give to them, keeping them ever loyal and engaged.


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