Online Advantages You Can’t Let Your Competitors Have Over You


Everyone and anyone running a successful business today will tell you how important it is to get yours online. Without that website presence, you might as well be invisible to hundreds and thousands, if not millions, of potential customers. But it’s not enough to get online anymore. You have to keep up. These are a few of the advantages that your competitors might already have over you if you’re not careful.

The race to the top

Google has been a giant since the earliest stage of the internet, but there are few who could have guessed it was so important to having a successful online marketing presence. As states, however, your competitors may already be
doing everything they can to make sure they’re as close to the top of relevant Google searches as possible When most people look online for a service, search engines are exactly where they start. SEO is your means of grabbing their attention first. Having first place makes you not only a more convenient trust. It’s also how many consumers measure trustworthiness. Google is a business authority now, so make friends with it.

The other internet

Mobile phones on the internet haven’t been a new thing for over a decade, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth keeping up with. As many people browse and even do business on mobile devices as they do on laptops and desktops. What’s more, your regular internet presence might not be enough for mobile devices, either. Sites have to be made specifically responsive to smaller screens for one. You also have to consider the different ways that people use smartphones compared to computers. For one, social media has a much more powerful presence for smartphone users, just another reason you can’t half-bake your presence there.

Their own platform

There is a way to steal the show and deliver more value directly to your customer without having to share space with your competition, too. As shows, creating your own app can lead to brand new levels of success and an entirely new revenue stream. Whether it’s a new ecommerce store, an omnichannel to work with your physical store, or just a way to offer quotes and support, it’s another way to create a fully branded space, often with more flexibility and function in design than a website.

Find your king

As big of a multimedia engine that the internet is and the breadth of experiences that it offers, it’s simple content marketing that still reigns as king. If your business doesn’t already have one, start a content creation process. Offer tips, news, or just interesting insights that your audience is likely to not only enjoy but share. Even if it isn’t directly promoting your services, it gets the brand spread around and, more importantly, it makes it a trusted authority.

Online marketing isn’t something that you can get started and then drop. It’s a constantly moving side of the business, one that requires you to keep up with it. Fail to do so, and it could be as if you never took the business online to begin with.


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