Oregon Startup To Begin Testing Potato Drones

Drones are a hot button discussion these days. Most of the talk has been about non-manned aircraft used for military and surveillance. An Oregon startup called Paradigm in conjunction with Boeing and Oregon State University are preparing to start test flights of Potato Drones. The Federal Aviation Administration has authorized the use of two remote-controlled

Ever Wanted Your Own Infographic? Oregon Startup Vizify Has You Covered

If you’ve ever wanted your own infographic, you can have it now thanks to recent TechStars graduate and Oregon startup Vizify. Their exciting new social media tool is more than just a dashboard it gives you a visual glance at the things you’ve got going on in your personal social graph. Now people can use

Interview With Portland Oregon Startup: Hively, Easy Engagement Feedback Platform

Businesses, retail establishments and restaurants have been using the internet for surveys for the past fifteen years. Lot’s of restaurants still resort to printing a phone number to call or a website to go to to enter a code, do a survey and get some kind of discount. The problem with this method of surveying

Eugene Oregon Startup: WallShops Offers A New Online Mall Shopping Experience

A conglomerate of online stores is nothing new to the internet, heck Amazon’s been doing it now for over a decade, however WallShops, a Eugene Oregon based startup, has reinvented the online mall. We get pitches 24 hours a day here at nibletz and every single pitch is revolutionizing, re-inventing, has the best ever, the

Oregon Business Incubator Offers Online Startup SummerCamp

An incubator in Bacerton Oregon is offering a new online startup summer camp this summer. The incubator, called The Oregon Business’s Technology Center is offering the online program for eight weeks starting in late June and running through August. The summercamp program is free to attend online. The sessions will take a startup from idea

UPDATED: Oregon Startup: Wild Squirrel Nut Butter Wins Investment On Shark Tank

We are diligently working on a piece now highlighting a string of investments that the Sharks have pulled out of since the show has aired. In the case of Wild Squirrel Nut Butter, Shark Barbara Corcoran pulled out of the $50,000 investment for 40% that she had negotiated with the girls on the show. Keely

Oregon: StartupWeekend Near LockDown; Man Threatened Explosions And Guys

It’s unclear if the man removed from this weekend’s startup weekend event in Portand Oregon was a contestant or not. Oregonlive.com is reporting that a man who was removed from the event started tweeting threats of explosions, guns and violence. The threatening tweets have been removed however as a precaution the rest of the event

Seattle: Google Backed CleanTech Startup AltaRock To Start Drilling In Oregon

In 2008 Google invested in a new CleanTech startup called AltaRock. AltaRock plans on building engineered geothermal systems in places where natural resources aren’t already available for such systems. AltaRock will create geothermal reservoirs in areas without natural flowing streams. AltaRock had embarked on a demonstration project of this technology in California in 2007 however

Chez Gourmet’s Burger Queen Takes Home Top Prize In Angel Oregon Competition

A woman owned startup in Oregon has taken home the $250,000 first price in the Angel Oregon competition for her startup Chez Gourmet. Chez Gourmet is still considered in the startup stage despite the fact that founder Marie Osmuson first founded the company in 2006. Osumuson created Chez Gourmet after a friend of hers, who